Friday, January 15, 2010

Louis Theroux on South Africa

I have seen clips of Louis Theroux's visits to South Africa, but this morning was the first time I had seen the whole episode.

I am left with mixed reactions. As an uitlander who has made giant efforts to get to know South Africa from the inside, I found it hard to remain a neutral observer, as Louis obviously thinks he is. But his contempt is clearly visible beneath the surface, and his lack of prior research betrays and intellectual laziness that is the bread and butter of European attitudes towards a culture that is both our own, and, at the same time, not.

This is the crux of the matter. White skin does not make us brothers, merely cousins, while honourary brotherhood must be earned. Louis, like other liberals, feels free to judge other white people on the basis that they are like him, while at the same time attempting to make them seem exotic and entirely different.

Culture is only partly biological. Experience is a huge part of it. Can there not be something different about a culture that grew up in Africa -or America- over 350 years? And can not that difference be an entirely valid expression of culture?

Liberals are the true white supremacists. They believe that no matter how long you are outside Europe, you still belong to the European family and must be judged by its standards, even when those standards are fleeting and arbitrary. Louis cannot understand how these Boers could not want to be part of South Africa's -in his words- "multiracial" society. Why? because he thinks of England as a multiracial society and one that functions well.

The meaning of words like "black" and "white" are not the same in Europe as they are in South Africa. Liberals are not interested in this. In South Africa the terms are cultural designations, while in Europe they are not. In Europe, whiteness does not even exist as a concept, it derives from the New World experience of many European nations merging together. In Europe, we think of ourselves as French, English, Irish, or whatever.

In South Africa, a white man talking about a black man is no different to an Englishman talking about a Finn. The cultural differences are vast, but why is there a taboo about one and not the other?

The Boers that Louis meets, including Eugene Terreblanche and other Boerestaat leaders, explain to him how their ideas are no different to nationalism in Europe, but Louis cannot hear. He is unable to hear, because his frames of reference have been permanently mapped out for him. Not once are blacks spoken of in a derogatory, hateful or violent way during the programme. One gets an impression that those interviewed are a people determined to forge their own destiny, and this ought to be admirable.

The programme is marred by a former Nazi Luftwaffe gentleman who is a member of the AWB and insists on making a speech in German. Louis is clearly irked by him and I was too. Nazism is no friend of anyone, and gone are the days when fighting for the Third Reich could be upheld as a noble cause. Louis' ginger-bearded host is visible uncomfortable with the Nazi's presence also.

The meaning of the word "racist" also does not have the same meaning for those Louis interviews. Many, including many of our readers at ILSA, have expressed pride in applying that term to themselves. This is not helpful, although those on the programme clearly think of it as merely the suggestion of difference. And who would deny cultural difference in South Africa?

How is even acknowledging racial differene taboo? How can liberals promote and worship a multicultural society without acknowledging a difference to revel in?!

In Europe the term racist is a horrendous slur, and in fact is slowly becoming racist in itself, as it is considered a uniquely white trait. This is deconstructionism at its finest!

To be a racist is not simply to want to support one's own nation or people, but to express a profound and fundamentally irrational hatred for other peoples.

This was clearly lacking in those people with whom Louis conversed on his journey. Sure, hatred exists in that part of the world. There's no denying that, but it is very much secondary to a deep, very human desire for independence and freedom.

While out on farm patrol with some of the locals, Louis clearly found the idea of armed patrols laughable, and he made no attempt to examine the nature of what the farmers felt they needed to defend themselves against. He did not allow his host to expand on a statement that farm murders occur "once a week", and was not interested in claims that the militias were purely defensive.

Of course, many of his interviewees did themselves no favours, but this is where Louis' real racism crept out. He was happy to lecture them on how wonderful a "multiracial" state would be, because he can't imagine anything outside his own narrow frame of reference. He cannot conceive that to be a minority in such a society is cultural (and real) suicide, because in the liberal mind a multicultural society is one where minorities are cherished and encouraged.

The questions he asks -to people whose command of English is far from good- are loaded, misleading and counterproductive. He goads his hosts into saying something suitably backward and 'racist', just for the cameras, and is visibly frustrated when they won't play ball. He asks "why can't there be blacks in the government?", without any recognition that for the person he asks, there is no problem with having blacks in the government as long as he or she is independent of that government. Or at least insulated from its more destructive tendencies.

I found myself sharing the frustration of many of his interviewees. I wanted to be there, to take him by his skinny shoulders and shake him, saying LISTEN HERE YOU LIBERAL TWAT. GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ARSEHOLE AND LISTEN TO WHAT THESE PEOPLE ARE SAYING AND NOT WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO SAY.

Or something like that.

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Anonymous said...

He was taking the piss out of them all the time. The real looney tune music they played just gave it away as if the topic is not of a serious nature.

I wonder how these Brits and Americans would like to live in South Africa, maybe on a farm.

Exzanian said...

Great article Viking! You got to the core of that smug, European hypocrisy alright. For sure!

FishEagle said...

Brilliant article Viking! Liberals are the true white supremacists.

Anonymous said...

As I said before, the only thing they have in common with us is the colour of our skin.

FishEagle said...

Maybe that's why I like you so much, Viking. :)

The impressive extent that you've gone to, to understand the South African situation, becomes obvious. Bravo!

Sakkie de Kok said...

I´ll tell you what really boiled my piss in the old pre 1994 years.
We heard all the time from the whites in Europe, but mainly Britain, what a bunch of stinking racist bastards we were. Living here, I knew what a lie that was, because while these holier than thou hypocrites sat in the their then mostly white countries and didn´t understand the first thing about the black race, we were the ones at the coal face, actually doing something for these people.
We employed them, fed them, educated them, and protected them from each other as best we could. We supplied them with the finest medical care in Africa, and built an infrastructure comparable to the best in the world, and all this paid for mainly by the white tribe of SA.
And while we were doing all this for the blacks in SA, those useless white liberal bastards were sniping at us from afar, accusing us of being killers and calling us subhuman.
Well, they are about to discover the real truth now that their countries are filling up with Africa´s exploding populations. It´s payback time folks.

FishEagle said...

Sakkie, I think there are a lot of people that share your sentiments. Well said.

Islandshark said...

Spot on Sakkie - I'm in the UK too, so I can see where this is going.

Britain is being destroyed by their obsession with minorities and political correctness. Just look at the races responsible for the majority of violent crime - Britain will learn a dear lesson.

Anonymous said...

Good one Sakkie. They threw us to the wolves the bastards, so I wish the same upon them...

I will not feel sorry for them one bit, they are in my eyes just white K4s.

Viking said...

Sakkie and others -

While I understand those sentiments it's important to point out that importation of misfit immigrants into Britain punishes liberals and normal people alike, as well as all the decent South Africans living there, including two of our contributors and many of our readers!

Liberalism is an irresponsible monster, and it should be remembered than within the free-est societies, such as the UK and the USA, are such a wide divergence of views that it's true to say that those countries were home to South Africa's best friends AS WELL as your worst enemies.

Be careful what you wish for!

FishEagle said...

Viking, maybe I should just clarify my viewpoint. I don't wish the South African fate for the First World countries. That would be counter productive. I agree with all of Sakkie's sentiments up to, but excluding, the very last sentence :)

SA Greek said...

I am sure most of us know how ignorant whites are in Europe about SA in general ( before and after 94 ).How can you judge without even knowing the history.Mr Theroux is an IGNORANT hypocrite ( and obviously liberal ) and at the same time he is trying to apear "smart" in contrast with the "thick" South African "racist".

gilbert said...

theroux is just a spoilt, liberal lefty twat. period.

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of whites in the UK supported whites in SA, on a sort of "silent majority" basis; they still do.

The proof of this is how the white Rhodesians (almost all of them ethnic Brits) perceived the issue of black majority rule; almost all of them opposed it and the debate was between those who favoured a limited ("qualified") franchise for blacks, possibly even on a separate voter's roll, and those who favoured an entirely separate white voter's roll with only tribal representation for blacks.

The British have never favoured racial policies which put them at a disadvantage, at least until the current time and only in the UK itself; and this is heading rapidly towards a conflict since it is only The Establishment which is moralising at the expense of the white working class, which is now starting to fight back effectively.

The UK is a deeply conservative place, except for the voluble media "elite" who are able for some reason, to pretend to speak for the country as a whole; or, as we are seeing, the country as a "hole".


Anonymous said...

Oh Viking, How much I appreciate this article!! As a South African living in the UK I was watching that episode of with my (hopefully soon to be ex!!) husband (british) and of course it evoked another argument about us "racist" south africans!! Being related to Eugene Terreblanche doesn't help much :p I concur with all the other saffas here in the UK, this country is being invaded by Africans and crime rates are soaring! So there, payback! I'm even considering moving back to South Africa as I fear raising my child in this country, where youths can wander the streets armed with knives and guns (as it happens in South Africa, I assume) but here we have NO WAY of defending ourselves, as even carrying pepper spray is against the law!! At least when I went out for a jog in South Africa I could always carry a little pocket knife on me in case of emergency. Here I'm just as unable as defending myself and my child as what the police seem to be. I really wish the government would sort themselves out in South Africa, I'll come back in a heartbeat. I love my country!!

Exzanian said...

Ditto Anon:
Except it is never going to get better in ZA, ever. In fact, since I left 3 1/2 years ago, it has got exponentially worse (I left when Zuma was certain to go to trial, the Scorpions were smokin' hot, nobody had heard of Julius, the power blackouts were inconceivable and other parastatals were in fair condition) The ubiquitous crime in ZA is only one part of the problem. I get what you say about not being able to defend yourself in the UK, but the village where I live in about 80 miles from London, is almost completely crime free and law enforcement is cracking good when it does occur, so I have no need to defend myself, the law does it for me, as it's supposed to...

Graeme said...

I found this blog post while Googling this Weird Weekends episode I rewatched last night. Basically I think you missed the point about a few things in your critique of this “documentary”, I am a white Englishman and without debating your opinion all I can say is that, as a BBC documentary maker Louis Theroux wouldn’t been able to produce something that sympathizes or sides with the views of the people in this film even if he had wanted to (which he wouldn’t anyway). He would be heavily criticized if he didn’t challenge their extreme views. But this isn’t a propaganda piece, Louis does not lecture people, talk down to them, ask loaded questions or stitch them up, he just makes them comfortable enough to express their true beliefs. Perhaps this was too complex a subject for a 50 minute episode of Weird Weekends, which was a series that looked at various subcultures of societies, mostly in America (and British viewers would surely know that most Americans aren’t crackpots hiding away in remote mountain settlements because a New World Order is about to arise). The only way this episode does a disservice to South Africa is if it leads people to assume that all white South Africans are like the nutters in this, which I don’t think it intends to. But to be honest after reading this page, I don’t know if it’s so clear that their views aren’t representative of a wider population.

You’re right, you really don’t see things the same way we do.

Anonymous said...

@Graeme. Thanks for your comments. Perhaps we don't see things the way you do, but we have a very clear vision as to where the UK is headed.