Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Lazy Slobs" ANC Want Another Day Off

Some ANC members have called for the ruling party's birthday to be declared a public holiday.

IOL asked its readers: Should the ANC's birthday be declared a public holiday?

Of the 1 755 people who participated in the 87 percent (1 522 votes) said "No" and 13 percent (233 votes) said "Yes"

Here's a selection of reader comments:

Viv: No, there are already to many un-productive days in the tear. Just because government wants the day off, it does not mean that the rest of the country needs a day off as well. Stop partying and get back to work you lazy slobs.

Peter T: People, that is not an official stance of the ANC but some wishful thinking of few crazy people who don't understand the impact of such on the Economy. I as a member of the ANC and a worker, will certainly oppose to that as much as I'll oppose to any additional public holiday.

Godfrey: There is just no end to the silliness of the ANC. Where in the world is there a public holiday given/awarded/stolen for the founding of a political party. A thing that can be here today and gone tomorrow. And especially for a party that has performed so badly in tackling the problems that it was founded to solve. What the ANC needs is not a public holiday but a hard kick in the proverbial.

Diana B: Okay then, if it's such a democratic country, then every single other political party whose name goes on a ballot paper should also have their "birthdays" declared a public holiday! Including AWB, FF+, DA, IFP et

David C: Sure, lets find another 100 excuse days to be more lazy South Africans and the rest of the world can see us in the same light as Zimbabwe, full of hope but worth investing in!!! - A great big waste land.

Jenny N: Don't be silly. The country's economy is already rocked with every public holiday as it is - we have too many. How small businesses cope is a mystery to me. No, the ANC is a political party, that's all - and a corrupt and incompetent one at that. This country needs to WORK, and the ANC MPs could start by looking that word up in the dictionary.

Happy: I have supported the ANC for the last three terms and changed my support to a party that bring real substance to the future of this country. There is so much to be done to correct the imbalances of the past but a lot of time and energy is being directed in name changes and declaration of public holidays. I just came from my home town East London; I left 30 years ago and was sick to my stomach when I saw the state of the city centre I nearly cried. The Eastern Cape is were many prominent political leaders comes from and it?s the most pathetic province, lead me to believe that the ANC,s leaders really don't care about its people. I suggest instead of declaring a public holiday why don't all the highly paid ANC minsters and their affiliates donate one month salary to their poor blind followers that might illuminate poverty at all. If they ran out of ideas as to what to do with their time they can take mine for free, GIVE POWER TO THE PEOPLE NOT TO YOURSELF WITH USELESS DECLARATIONS.

Jim Beam: I just don't think the ruling party of ANY country deserve to have a holiday declared in their honour. What happens when a new ruling party takes over ? Do our arrogant ruling party think they will be in power forever ?

4 Opinion(s):

Exzanian said...

It's the kind of self aggrandizement we've come to expect from the KAKistocracy in Azania; the self styled "Ruling" party, instead of the Governing party.

Anonymous said...

Pretty soon there'll be more public holidays than working days.

Anonymous said...

A ruling party birthday; yet another sign that SA is headed towards that fine old Stalinist style, one party state.

Next we need legislation outlawing insulting the head of state.

Viking said...

Well, Anon, there are already more non-workers than workers!