Monday, January 11, 2010

Irish Actress Attacked in Cape Town

Surprisingly, this story slipped by me, although I do try to keep up with the Irish news as much as possible. Hm, how could I have missed it?

Anyway, the unstoppable Irish Savant has presented the story nicely:

SA limbers up for the World Cup

South Africa has been severely criticised by many, including yours truly, for their poor planning and lack of preparation for this year’s World Cup. But in fairness, this criticism can’t be levelled at the ‘youths’ who’ll be gorging on the visiting soccer fans during the Summer.
Their careful planning has been illustrated by the near fatal attack on our own Victoria Smurfit in Cape town a few days ago. According to this interview, “Victoria Smurfit, star of the BBC drama set in Ireland, “Ballykissangel,” was driving with he husband Doug and other family members to a party to ring in the New Year in Cape Town when a bullet whizzed through the car.”
“We all felt it journey past us. Blood started seeping out of my collection of veins at the elbow joint. I could see Doug was shiny-eyed. I reached an arm out to him. Thank God, he was fine.”
The 35-year-old Dublin-born actress has since learned that the episode was probably part of a gang initiation in which young men kill tourists to gain admission to gangs.”
And presumably to gain access to their valuables – that being the main point of the exercise, I'd imagine.
With masterly understatement, the report then goes on “South Africa is well known to have a high level of violent crime, including rape, murder, and armed carjacking.” The Irish government advises tourists to be cautious when travelling, and Smurfit’s account graphically illustrates why. Even more interestingly, the attack was in Cape Town, the safest city in South Africa (ahem), and on a prominent city center street.
“It was Kill a Tourist Day,” Vikki explained, as if this was the most natural thing in the world. Which it is. In the Rainbow Nation.. Luckily the SAPS immediately sprang into action, capturing the culprit after a methodical investigation.
Oh wait! I got that wrong.
“When they called South African police to report the incident, the officer just said “yes, thank you,” and hung up. It was only when a member of the family later met someone who had police connections that the investigation went further, although Smurfit has not found out who was responsible for the attack”.

This is all good news, as is the attack on the Togo team's bus in Angola. First, she’s safe and well, and if more of this stuff happens it’ll contribute two things: the reality of black society and a justification for classing white South Africans as legitimate refugees.

4 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

The stupidity of these people who will willingly go to SA on vacation is utterly astounding!

Anonymous said...

Ah, but they were just trying to put food on the table. They didn't know any better.


CapeToon Tooner said...

Kill a tourist day? Sounds exactly like something that would interest some tik smoking cape flats to-be-gang member! Just another interesting little rainbow colour to add to the never ending spectrum of chaos! Read about the murdered grandma in Lyttleton, Pretoria (NEWS24) for another (most propably) "Kill a granny day" colour!

Anonymous said...

The interesting question is
whether the battle against this sort of crime (actually, a crime against humanity, for that is what it is) will be helped by a tourist boycott or not.

This is the sort of crime that deserves the death penalty. For it is a crime not only against the immediate victims, but against all who try to earn a living from tourism. And that's a lot of people of all sorts.