Monday, January 18, 2010

Finance Ministry Seeks Advice from Citizens on Budget

Once again? Does this happen every year? Or have they just run out of ideas.

Now is the time to tell the MoF what your ideas are, people. Knock yourselves out.

By NamNewsNetwork Jan 18th, 2010
PRETORIA, Jan 18 (NNN-BUANEWS) -- South Africa's Ministry of Finance has once again invited all South Africans to submit tips on what they want to see in the country's Budget.

Run throughout the year, the campaign ensures active participation in government programmes, especially matters related to the economy.

Through the campaign, the public gets an opportunity to send their tips to Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan on what they think government's spending priorities should be.

The campaign is in line with the government's commitment to public participation and ensures government spending is in line with what is expected from the South African public and gauges issues including education, social services, health, job creation and taxes.

Tips can be sent to Gordhan via the website or by fax (012) 315-5126 or post to Private Bag X115, Pretoria, 0001 or Pravin Gordhan's fan page on Facebook.

The annual Budget Speech, which will take place on Feb 17, 2010, is a roadmap indicating what aspects of life in South Africa the government has prioritised in terms of financial resources. -- NNN-BUANEWS

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Limit the number of wives and concubines the Great Z can have to maximum of 999 .

Anonymous said...

Reintroduce national service, same discipline, but instead of teaching warfare teach neccesary skills such as agriculture, plumbing, electrical contracting, business management, etc. I think that if more blacks were skilled they would see the benefits of structured existance where people work earn money and pay there way. Create jobs.
I know this is a tall order I'm not kidding myself.

Anonymous said...

Who said they would listen to our tips?

Anonymous said...

I like the pie chart it's very accurate and so easy a caveman could understand it.

Anonymous said...

1. Legalise polygamy so that less woman draw welfare;

2. Fire half the staff at muncipalities as the same amount of work would still get done.

3. Increase the size of budget speech parties so that it creates employment;

4. Encourage barebacking so that HIV can spread and you have less people on the pension roll.

5. Place a heavy tax on flushing your toilet as it will encourage organic farming.

6. Place a tax on all babies born as they have a carbon footprint. If the parents dont have money insert a tracking chip in the babies as that is your next wave of criminals.

7. Cut the health budget in half because if you cant afford basic healthcare like having the shits then you likely not paying any taxes either and a useless eater.

8. Cut the education budget in half as most of the kids wont find employment anyway and there is no point in having Maths and Science while unemployed.

9. On a cut education budget increase the learning years by another 4 years so as to prepare children for the future by learning how to be a good citizen. This also cuts down on the unemployment rates.

10. Replace uselss subjects such as Maths and Science with more useful subjects such as Sociology and Proctology. In this way they know who they are and where to find their politicians.

11. Close all medical schools as they practice white mans medicine and teach the benefits of garlic and traditional pig shit fermented with battery acid.

12. Close techinical schools as nobody needs to learn plumbing as the shit running down the street usually finds a hole to sink into and Sipho down the road already knows how to connect the house to the traffic lights.

13. Close all business schools as Comrade Zuma is going to nationalise everything so there is no need for capitalist practices.

14. Create jobs by banning all electrical equipment. Who needs labels on bottles done by a machine when a few comrades with gluestick can do a better job.


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