Thursday, December 31, 2009

Example of Racism in SA

This was sent in to us by one of our readers, and gives a neat snapshot of some of the comments received from one angry reader at Fin24.

The articles, I am reliably informed, was about the recent strikes by Pick'n'Pay employees. There is not one of us that hasn't seen or read very similar sentiments before, so there is nothing surprising about them:

"Dec 08 2009 18:42 Soon the Anc shall realise that ... us Africans are fed up with these people . . Soon as WC2010 is over the cops are going t...o target their arms towards the enemy . we shall have to finnish what they started . Blood will be spilt in the streets of SA . racists shall be lined up and cleansed . Our ancestors` sufferings in the hands of the enemy shall be avenged . God Bless Africa and all our chinese , indian freinds . Not forgetting our colourd brothers who we shall also protect . **** lsu

Dec 08 2009 18:47 @Africais4Africans You mean like Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Burundi, Nigeria, Congo.. how do you determine who is a racist, will you base it on skin colour? rofl. You are dumb and need to grow up and consider the long term impact of what you are suggesting. You can kill all the whites and once the wealth is used up, you will be left with less than before and whites won’t donate to RSA. Famine, hunger and disease would swallow you. ****

@BoerBaron Dec 08 2009 19:15 I laugh not to laugh . You boers the best place for you are camps . You are going to rue the day that Van ri Bheki tricked your wild ancestors on to his boats . A boer person should be the last to comment on any topic on this earth . A white man who was supressed by another white man in a foregn land . Those english mongrels had seen your evil ways from day 1 . You are the scum of urope and the scum of Africa . You rootless , the only person that should be your God is mandela , who protected you **** Africais4Africans

Dec 08 2009 19:23 What was built by man can be built by man . There is nothing special about you . If it means we need yrs of femine then by God let it be . You are not messiahs or have any secret code to the creator , you are pale flesh . What you can do I can do and millions can do . **** PietfromAfrica

Dec 08 2009 19:38 You ran to Africa . Boers are nothing more than witches , who were hunted down . In Netherlands they will not accept you , but you want us to accept us . Even in France and Germny they will not accept you . You are rootless , and the best way to remove a rootless tooth is by sheer and brute force . **** Africa4Africans

Dec 08 2009 19:56 I have a masters in Economics from an American university . So there is nothing that any of you neanderthal caveman can tell me . I was lucky to learn with people from different lands . It opened my eyes , the whiteman living in SA is the devil . Their demons must be exorcised not by reconciliation , not by legislation, not by being nice . Like inspector Cele said , ” You dont go around kissing criminals , you shooot , dubula bhunu mfana. Enjoy the world cup , after that , time for ANC tok is K **** Africa4Africans@…

Dec 08 2009 21:35 We now control the army . We can easily give military training to any able bodied citizen over 16 ( incl caster ) . Our Godfather from Zimbabwe is a bush war specialist , with an active army which is well trained , we can feed them . Already our people are gatvol . We have over 3 mil african criminals who are able to kill with no mercy plus nigerians,cape gangs , prison gangs . Soon you damn boers will learn a lesson , but then again when you are all gone what lesson can you learn? **** Africais4Africans

Dec 08 2009 22:25 we already started by releasing the criminals on you . they are part of the onslaught. They might not be organised but they are doing a sterling job . Why do you think Baas Cele wants shoot to kill without control ?? After the WC when evrone is on a high we take full control , police and our street thugs will work hand in hand , whilst the enemy is asleep . Next step we bring in Soldiers . Next we bring in the zim soldiers . i worked with them in Drc and mozambique , those guys are good . **** Africais4Africans

Dec 09 2009 00:11 They are many ways to skin a cat . When the boers raped our ancestors in every sense possible they did not use any rules . In a battle you use everything you have . we have been provoked for long enough , we cant sit back and smile like what the politicians are doing . They have traded in their war mentality for the nice things , when we started it was one for all and all for one . but now they are all talk , like Malema and Zuma . But the people will walk the talk , by any means possible

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Anonymous said...

If these comments are a reflection of the thoughts of the majority of our "brethren"... All I say is BRING IT ON MOTHERFUCKERS!!!

What these useless fucks forget is that they have NEVER had to face a determined armed white man with NOTHING to lose.

I think they may be VERY surprised with the outcome... Bring on Mugabes thugs - we fucked them up before... Bring on mThondo weSizwe - we fucked them up before... Bring on the useless police and army - we fucked them up before...

We are going to have a LOT of fun!!!

BRING IT ON BRUTHUHS!!! You ain't seen jack shit yet.

One Settler - One Bullet!
FUCK YOU!!! I have at least ten thousand - want some?



Dachshund said...

What does Pick n Pay have to do with boers?

Why wait until WC2010 is over? Why not go berserk right now? They can't even organise a team that can win a soccer match, they think they can pull this off?

It's all bluster, but at least now we know for sure the way they think.

Anonymous said...

The time starts now for the whites to unite- and to start preparing for the total onslaught.

We are already setting-up groups and train them to survive- and defend themselves. We are already preparing to take the war to the bush- if they provoke us first.

What have you done so-far?

springbok said...

I wonder how much of the future you guys have in mind...Yes there are children....of all nations in South Africa who deserve to get along with one another regardless of what "daddy" sais.I wonder how much space for common sence is left in your heads with so much Schoolyard sarcasm coming out of it.Lions and Hyena's are eternal enemies not humans.Think of Business opertunities,let's devise ways of kicking out all politicians!and People with real leadership skills fill the key positions.Lose afirmative action and Bee,it's an insult to black talent.Get real!

Viking said...


Agreed, on the subject of politicians!
and on BEE/AA, there are many people in SA who will manage without them and everyone will benefit when they are gone.
thankyou for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are like barracudas. You want them in their own tank. Just a drop of blood in the water and they go into thier usual feeding frenzy.

The ANC is good at keeping the water bloody. Everyone should have their own tank!

Censorbugbear said...

it must be noted in this context - and it's very important to know this -- that black South Africans refer to ALL WHITES as "Boere". It's a widely-used terms for ANY white person. This hatespeech thus is directed against ALL whites.