Friday, January 01, 2010

Does the ANCYL Finally Get It?

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Educational system not adequate: ANCYL

Dec 31, 2009 11:14 AM | By Sapa

The South African education system was not adequate to serve the country's skills development needs, says the ANC Youth League.

In an end of the year statement in which the ANCYL wishes South Africans a joyful, peaceful and productive new year, spokesman Floyd Shivambu said President Zuma should every year send at least 10,000 students to universities outside the country.

"Our considered view is that every year, President Zuma should send not less than 10,000 students to the best universities across the world to get the best education and skills on important areas such as medicine, engineering, accounting, technology and science," he said.

"We believe that such a model would greatly contribute to the production of skills in South Africa because the reality is that our education system cannot produce as many graduates as possible."

The ANCYL said it would vigorously campaign for the government and Presidency to introduce a new scholarship to fund students studying outside the country.

The scholarship would take care of all the students' needs, including transport, accommodation, tuition fees, food and a monthly stipend.

"The scholarship we are proposing is not in opposition and not a contradiction to the National Students' Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) and will not reduce the amount of money and resources allocated to the NSFAS," said Shivambu.

He said the ANCYL would continue with campaigns for the transformation of Higher Education in South Africa and for increased funding particularly for disadvantaged students.

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Anonymous said...

"Our considered view..." Is this guy sane? Since when did the ANCYL have a considered view? Well, they answer their own statement by suggesting that the SA tax payer (who already pays tax towards "education") foot the bill to send "intelligent" blacks to overseas Uni's. Firstly, I don't think you'll find 10 000 blacks able to GET into any of the Uni's (just a minor problem with that suggestion), unless of course they decide to send them to countries like Cuba and Zimbabwe...Just how much is this most intelligent idea going to cost and how many of these now "intelligent" blacks will return to SA to work for the ANC??
Secondly, now that the ANC has destroyed the countries education system, their mighty YL wants to burden tax payers even more for the mistakes of their masters. How about this for an idea ANCYL: STOP bungling the education system with repeated curriculum changes and AA appointed teachers and get the old teachers back who knew how to...teach and run schools succesfully (if they're still alive)! How about the ANC actually put real money into education instead of stealing from the people? The ANC is deliberately dumbing down the blacks (and thereby the whites) so that they continue voting for them. That ploy has back-fired and they sit with barely educated masses who only know how to go make babies and claim welfare. Another African success...

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with SA universities?

Anonymous said...

Shivambu neglects to mention three things:

1. Those students must all be black. No white students will be allowed to apply.

2. There aren't enough black students who have good enough high-school qualifications in those fields described to fill all those posts.

3. It is unlikely that most of those who DO go to those foreign universities will graduate, since those foreign unis don't implement the same quota policies that enforce the passing of black students, regardless of how badly they perform.

Anonymous said...

These black South African students can't even pass year one at a local university with much lower standards.

When all else fails, dream on.