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DNA Testing Could Prove That "Palestinians" Are Not Indigeneous

I'm throwing this one into the pot following "Jewish Emigrants to Israel on the rise"

It's relevant and needs to be said...LOUD and CLEAR: Israel is an independant, sovereign state. They have withstood 2000 years of persecution, and a holocaust attempt to obliterate every single one them.

I admire the Jews, because, unlike Africans, who continue to whinge and whine about how hard done by they were by apartheid, colonialism and imperialism, the Jews triumphed over all. Where were the Jews in 1967, 11 years of regaining the soil that was their heritage? They were blitzing the shit out of the Arabs in six days! Where is SA after a comparable period? Where is the rest of Africa after all the trillions of dollars of aid thrown at them over decades?

I suggest that the Israeli government get an outside expert, maybe a Swiss clinic, to DNA test all their political prisoners. The likelihood historically is that they are mainly of Arab, not Ishmaelite, DNA.

There never was a country called Palestine, or a people called the Palestinians, till Muslim extremists made up the name. The indigenous people of the Middle East were Jews (descended from Isaac, son of Abraham and Sarah), and the Ishmaelites (descended from Ishmael, son of Abraham and Hagar). Joseph was sold by his brothers as a slave to Ishmaelites, who then sold him to the Egyptians, where he became the slave of Pharaoh. Both Jews and Ishmaelites are Semites, not Arabs.

For 800 years before the First World War the whole East, Middle East, and North Africa was one country – the Ottoman Empire of the Turks. There was no Iraq, no Iran, no Jordan, no Syria, no Lebanon and no Israel. The Turks fought on the side of Germany in the First World War and were on the losing side. Their empire in the Middle East was turned into two protectorates – a French one and a British one, with “Israel/Gaza” being in the British mandated territory. Negotiations were under way to form independent states when the Second World War loomed.

The Arabs, specifically the Sauds, were furious at ANY proposed Jewish state in the Middle East and forced the British to block any Jewish immigration from Europe, and at the same time to ignore their flooding the area with bussed in Arabs to swamp the Jews out of Israel. The British agreed – because without the Arabs on their side, and Arab oil, they would have lost the Second World War.

However, when the American and British electorates at the end of the war realized how this conspiracy of the Arabs and the British had resulted in a holocaust killing half the Jewish population of the world, they insisted the Jews be given Israel, which had been promised them since the Balfour Declaration of 1917. It is way overdue time that the Germans stop carrying all the blame for the holocaust. Brits and Arabs had read "Mein Kampf" and knew what Hitler had promised to do.

The real joke of history is that the Jihadist extremists have turned also against both Brit and Saud. They want a religious, not a secular, Islamic state over ALL the Middle East. Jihad is now not only against Jews (Israel), Christians (Lebanon) but also against all secular Islamic states, including Saudi Arabia and Egypt (which is why Cosatu got short shift this week)

And why is Cosatu helping terrorists complete the holocaust against the Jews, and not trying to get the 3-4 million Zimbabwean farm workers out of SA and back onto their land?

Don’t take my word for all this – DNA testing will prove it.

For those interested in the subject there is a book “The Sauds” which gives most of the facts.

Lyndall Beddy - Richmark Sentinel

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Viking said...

Want to throw this link into the mix:

The blog covers topics such as the surrounding Muslim states' refusal (except Jordan) to accept Palestinian refugees, and the expulsions of Jews from those countries, etc.

The Ethnic mix of Palestinians is probably very broad. The region has been the crossroads of civilisation for thousands of years and has been ruled by almost every major world empire except China.
It has been settled by ethnic Europeans since at least 1200B.C. -the Philistines, who ironically, have given Palestine its name. And they were Indo-Aryans.

Eager to see the DNA results!

Anonymous said...

Great article, but the same DNA logic could be applied to the Jews too. But it doesn't matter.

The fact is that Israel is a sovereign state, with a right to survival.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, here we go again. I thought we just had this discussion?
Fuck the jews, fuck the palestinians, in fact, fuck the Semites in general. Who gives a shit what these bloody sand jockeys get up to?
I thought this blog was about South Africa, not the middle east. You are losing credibility with all this good jew, bad jew crap. Fuck them. They aren´t innocent victims. Everything that´s happened to them is a result of their own actions. Stop blaming the rest of the world for all the shit that´s befallen the jew. We aren´t interested. OK?

Anonymous said...

I suppose you are one of those idiots who think Israelis can never be terrorists. Why do you not educate yourself first before you ramble shit on here. Ever heard of the Massacre at Deir Yassin? Shatilla? Sabra?

Max said...

Well lets just say that the Israelis that may help us white South Africans one day might just say the same about you one day you dumb prick.

Exzanian said...

Sheesh, you do a couple of posts on the Joos and all hell breaks loose. Anon, this is extremely relevant to SA - Israel was strongly allied to the previous regime in SA and we collaborated with them to build an atom bomb. However, today, the Kaffirs rule Azania. The white man has lost in South Africa. But the Israelis are still going strong. My point is I admire the Jews, because, unlike Africans, who were given a country on a silver platter and fucked it up, continue to whinge and whine about how hard done by they were by apartheid, colonialism and imperialism, whilst the Jews triumphed against all odds

Max said...

Anonymous u dumb asre fuck what u going to do when the kaffirs come to cut your throat? Pull your finger out your arse and try and shot them with it? Do you know how many white South Africans are currently working in the Israeli defence force? Do you realise what sort of help that can be to us. Probably the only nation on earth that is bold enough to help us, (even if it is covertly) is Israel.
So piss off with your anti Semitic bullshit you are not welcome here.

Max said...

It's asre holes like Anon that give conservative right wingers a bad name, and it's people like him that are the biggest cowards and traitors. Sounds like he would prefer to kiss a kaffir than shake the hand of a Jew. Maybe you are an undercover kaffir.

Anonymous said...

Viking has done a great job addressing why it is that we have taken a broader stance.

But, as one comment suggested, we don't have an agenda. We aren't pro-Israel and anti-Muslim, just because we want to be.

Actually, if anything, we are pro-Western society, as this same commenter suggested we should be.

Anonymous said...

This blog should be broad, without forgetting to emphasize SA.

The retreat of the West is a global phenomenon, and self-inflicted. SA and Zim are just manifestations of it.

The writing was on the wall for the entire western world when both Labour and Tories ratted on their white Rhodesian kith and kin, and stigmatized Enoch Powell. After that it was just a matter of filling in the details.


Anonymous said...

The jews never do anything without a hidden agenda and by accepting help from them we will be screwing ourself in the long run.

nirvana demon said...

wait a minute, exganian.
"unlike Africans, who were given a country on a silver platter and fucked it up, continue to whinge and whine about how hard done by they were by apartheid, colonialism and imperialism, whilst the Jews triumphed against all odds".
Do you have any idea what you're saying? The childishness of your comments is astounding. Post-colonial theory is not something that's judged with silly lines like "we gave them the country on a platter, they fucked it up"
Your sorry little white ass will never begin to understand the psychological damage that hundreds of years of servitude can impose. Also, I think that whingeing and whining, and shouting out "oppression" from the roof tops is certainly a party that the jews have come to, way before brother spielberg and his community-obsessed biopics.
You really have to get your facts straight, and stop publishing shit on your blog. If you don't really know anything about the middle east but "admire" the successful, assertive (read white) jew-boys, and have contempt for the arabs who are part of a jihadist conspiracy, you begin to sound like a racist bigot, and more dangerous: an unthinking, and uninformed child with a high speed internet connection and an ability to google on the net.
maybe you should stick to your rants about SA. at least you have location on your side there, if not actually any logic.
oh and btw, try reading sources like
occasionally, or articles from policy thinktanks, rather than rants from ms beddy, before you deliver your judgements.

Viking said...

@Nirvana demon

You're right, mate. All those hundreds of years of servitude Africans have endured in their feudal societies have taken their toll. But fortunately contact with Western ideas has made them realise they could have a thing called 'democracy' which means they don't have to bow down to some king, just as we Europeans discovered over the last 800 years or so.

Are you referring to slavery? Funny, even with my limited knowledge of SA history I know that Zulus and Xhosas were never slaves - only Malays were in South Africa and their descendents have emerged slightly better off that other non-white South Africans.

The poster's Middle-East history looks fine to me, particularly regarding that one country whose neighbours immediately launched an invasion upon it with the sole aim of driving it into the sea.

And, finally, why are you attacking perceived "bigotry" with more bigotry? You aren't one of those people who thinks that only white people can be racist, are you?

Exzanian said...

Oh I do so hate these ambiguous troll comments. Nirvana Demon, is that the best you can do? C'mon guy, cry me a river. Ad Hominim is an argument of last resort and here you display it first off for everyone to see what an arsehole you are. My sorry white ass is quite happy the way it is, no guilt. Tell me, do you really feel the pain for Africa so honestly or are you just black? One man's bigot is another man's anti-semite, or what? What is it on your chest big fella? Go on, spit it out now. You got something to say about "Jew boys?" Eh?
Frankly, I'm dissappointed you could'nt have come up with something better.
Sanctimonious prick...If the best you can do is criticise on a You Tube level then you better just piss off right now. I'll be playing with my X Box now...If you have something intelligent to say, I might just respond. Or maybe not...