Monday, January 18, 2010

DA complains about new SABC law


THE Democratic Alliance has written to Communications Minister Siphiwe Nyanda to object to a proposed law that aims to levy a one per cent personal income tax on working South Africans to fund the SABC.

Party MP Lindiwe Mazibuko said the Public Service Broadcasting Bill, which was gazetted by the Department of Communications late last year, would confer wide-ranging powers to Nyanda in the functioning of the SABC.

“The overall aim of this Bill is to locate control over the SABC in the hands of the minister,” Mazibuko said.

“A strong board and an effective Parliament are what is needed to steer the SABC in the right direction, not an all-powerful minister with the authority to make the public broadcaster subject to the whims of the government of the day.

“Aside from anything else, the Public Service Broadcasting Bill is unconstitutional, since the one per cent tax proposal renders it a money bill, which, according to the Constitution, may only be introduced by the finance minister.”

Mazibuko said the bill represented an attempt to revert the public broadcaster to a government-run state broadcaster, as was the case under apartheid.

“In recent years the SABC has been the target of repeated attempts by successive ANC administrations to influence its news content and editorial stance, particularly with regard to political reporting.

“This proposed legislation, we believe, represents an attempt by the current administration to legitimise such practices, which undermine the broadcaster’s independence and violate the constitutionally protected principle of media freedom.”

The Democratic Alliance has proposed the proposed legislation be scrapped in its entirety and the current Broadcasting Act remain in force. – Sapa
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Viking said...

1%. As well as the licence fee?

Anonymous said...

For every 1% tax sars steals from me I invoice an additional 2% for work I do for the guvmunt...

Anonymous said...

Whoohoo! 1% of personal taxable income is one hell of a lot of moola to lay one's corrupt hands on.

However, as the DA points out, Pravin Gordhan is not going to legislate this tax into existence. SARS has its own problems which it will attempt to partially solve with bracket creep.

So it will be kak TV and continued bail outs from taxpayers in the current bloodsucking way.

Let's have a look at this big dreamer Siphiwe Nyanda: Minister of Communications; Republic of South Africa; Attended military courses in German Democratic Republic 1976 and 1986, Moscow 1985 and South Africa 1996 and 1997; Arrested July - November 1990.

A common terrorist, then, with insufficient credentials to run a spaza shop.

Anonymous said...

Think about it. It's again the man in the street having to fork out. How many businesses are going to be affected by this? Same goes for Eskom. They want to put it up for the man in the street, yet they supply neighboring countries and factories with electricity for cheeper then what we currently paying. Also... How many people does not give up their income. I'm thinking espesially about Taxi drivers and the likes.

Pensioner said...

The commies are in town compliments of the anc. SABC will become the "Pravda" of South Africa.

Exzanian said...

If the ANC could figure out a way to privatise it for the moola and still keep control of the propaganda, they would do it at the drop of a hat. Right, now, they are clueless. This is one useless milk cow, but as skinny as it is, the fuckers will find a way to prod it along.

Anonymous said...

"Siphiwe Nyanda: Minister of Communications"

More like Minister of Propaganda.