Sunday, January 10, 2010

Crime South Africa: A Personal Encounter

I received this email from an anonymous source. It was a private email, between friends. I have changed the names, to protect the innocent. It is one of those typical life-changing events, that go unnoticed, and yet are responsible for so many South Africans deciding to emigrate.

My heart goes out to this family, and if you happen to read this, rest assured there are many others that have had similar experiences, who will attest that you will find a better life elsewhere. Fortunately for you, this time it ended well. I hope your threshold has been breached. Don't slip back into complacency.

Hello, hope you had a good new year etc etc.

So I don’t know how to tell you this other than to just say it because if I don't - the bush telegraph will be telling you sooner or later.

We haven't had the greatest start to 2010 - on Sunday morning, Hubby was hijacked (bike-jacked) whilst out cycling in a "safe, secure" cycle place that has been created for the safety of cyclists in Johannesburg - to prevent attacks of this nature which are increasing steadily by the day.


He is in training for the Sani-to-Sea bike race that he does each year, and was going to go do some hill training out near Hartebeespoort Dam, but at the last minute, changed his mind, because he felt a bit "weird" and thought it would be too isolated so he went to Northern Farms instead.

He had been on his bike for about 15 minutes, cycling in amongst literally 100's of other cyclists (single riders, groups, women by themselves, families with children etc) - he was going uphill and had pulled away from the majority of the other cyclists and was in that psychological gap where, for a few minutes, he was by himself.

He heard a whistle behind him and started to turn around to see who it was, as two other guys (yes, they were black) ran out from the cover of the bushes. One had a gun, the other a knife and the third one, the "spotter" who whistled, had a screw driver. He stopped immediately and threw his bike at them, but then became icily calm and did what they screamed at him to do. They dragged him off into the mielie field, tied him up with packing tape, completely stripped him of all his cycling stuff - helmet, glasses, gloves, polar heart rate monitor, backpack, cellphone, my car keys, cycling socks and shoes. They left his lycra pants and cycle shirt on him.

They had him tied up and stood on his head to shut him up, with the gun and screwdriver constantly at his head and neck. He was held like that for over an hour whilst these animals waited for a gap to escape - ironically they couldn’t go because there were too many cyclists just metres away, laughing and chatting and cycling back and forth - the one black guy then received a text message on his cellphone and the two of them gathered all his stuff and bike and ran to the public road adjoining the farm, hopped the fence and deposited the stolen stuff into a waiting, clapped out old truck that had driven up.

Whilst they were there, two women cyclists came along, stopped, and proceeded to shout and scream at them about private property and loitering etc etc. The whole time he said all he could think about was that they were going to become victims as well and have even worse things happen to them. They left, and the guy with the gun told him to stay still and he ran off, and the truck left.

He managed to untie himself and ran back onto the cycle track and another cyclist stopped and assisted him. Once the guy ascertained he was ok, the guy left him with other people, and cycled back to the parking lot, got his vehicle and drove back to fetch him. He had borrowed someone else's cellphone to phone me and tell me what happened, and I drove out there in his car with spare keys for my car.

We went to the nearest police station to report it and that was a joke. Total and utter lack of interest, he basically told us that he didn't care - it was just a bicycle and what was his problem, he survived it!! This is our SAPS, the men and woman out there who protect us. Anyway enough of that, he filed a report, opened a case and we left.

His work has this "employee wellness programme" in place to help staff deal with trauma that occurs in any walk of their life, be it work related or home related, and we insisted that he contact them and go for trauma counselling because he is in a mess psychologically. He went yesterday for the first time and the shrink says he seems to be coping fine, he is displaying all the expected reactions and behaviours and it can take up to 6 weeks for things to return to "normal" whatever that might be.

He is such a strong person and not prone to emotional behaviour (unlike me, who arrived at the Farm and proceeded to swat him across the shoulder and yell at him and say that he is NEVER going to ride that effing bloody bicycle in that effing bloody unsafe farm again .....) anyway, he is not sleeping well at night, still jumpy etc. I organised for him to go to our physiotherapist and get worked over because he is extremely stressed plus his shoulders and neck are wrenched from being tied up and kicked and stood upon. He went back to work this morning and I guess now we just take it day by day.

Please don’t yell at us about emigrating, we became complacent and life was good again here so the other stuff got put on hold, now its a different story - there is NO other family in Johannesburg like us who are more streetwise and vigilant and aware of crime etc, and yet it happened to us in spite of everything we did to prevent it. We have lived in this vacuumed bubble for 8 years, always thinking it would never happen to us - so maybe this is the wake up call we needed to get our asses into gear. Hubby is ready 100%, I was the one who always wanted to go and I always felt a part of him was holding back, now he is ready and prepared to go wherever we can get in.

He says he can live absolutely anywhere in the world where it doesn’t involve having a screwdriver and a knife shoved into him and gun at his forehead for an hour whilst some asshole black piece of shit threatens to kill him for an effing bicycle.

He needs a few more days to come to terms with it, I have never seen him like this before and it scares me so much. He comes across as being so strong and in control because we need to keep it as low key as possible for the kids sake - the psychologist said that because junior is only 9, he'll see it as a sort of "adventure", but his sister is older, she is more aware that he could have died so easily and it is bound to affect her more.

I have this morbid fear of how we go about getting out of here now, I want to, need to, go NOW but I just don’t know how to do it and I'm scared we won’t ever be able to leave. I'm emotional and angry now, I haven’t really reacted other than swatting him on the farm the day it happened.

So, that's our news in a very big nutshell :(

Anyway I better go now and go make breakfast etc for the kids.

Chat soon.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this story - it is a shame that the whites have to suffer because of the savage kaffirs. It is also a shame that they are being forced to leave beautiful South Africa - they deserve better.

I hope they are able to find a peaceful life somewhere else, too bad it is not in South Africa.

Anonymous said...

I thank you aswell for sharing this ordeal.It is a microcosm of what life in SA has become,thanks to the lack of vision from trator leaders. Africa was always there as an example of savage rule...It goes all the way down to the lowest common denominator(The voters the Anc bargained on)
Yes,we as a family moved to Ireland after threatening many times to move since functioning South Africa was given away in 1994.

In 1992 I was hijacked and kidnapped in Johannesburg,and thankfully I managed to get out of that one.
My wife went through something similar while driving up Golf club terrace rd. towards Roodepoort in 1997.She luckily got away.It does something to you,especially when there are kids.
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't long back to South Africa and family,but I do not regret making the move.Oppertunities are equal.there is no such thing as "affirmative Action", "BEE" and all this crap designed to freeride lazy people into jobs .I was employed on my merrit and skill.
It is no etopia here in Ireland.Believe me Europe has it's problems.
Politicians is one of them.

I hope aswell that these people do whatever it takes to find peace.

Anonymous said...

An all to familiar SA story. It's little consolation, but at least he wasn't killed. This is the wake-up they needed..

Islandshark said...

The fact is that some people never totally recover from the trauma. Something stupid can set off a panic attack months and years down the line.

It's sad that it isn't even news anymore to hear of SAPS not bothering with such cases.

rationalist said...

Don't be hasty to emmigrate, just move to the coast. This kind of crap never happens here. Calm down and be rational. What happened to you was an extrenmely rare event. Because it happened it does not validate the doomsdayers claims. Muggings happen in every single country in the world.

Anonymous said...

The worst thing your friend did was report the theft to the police. If they know who these guys are they will give them your friends address, and they will pay them another visit to pick up the car for which they already have the keys.
I trust the police as much as I trust the ANC.

Anonymous said...

It's not that there is a generalised attack against whites by ALL blacks. Probably most blacks are peaceable folk who just want to work their day and put food on the table. The problem is the element of blacks that seem to be embedded in the population that genuinely seem to hate whites with more hatred than was ever displayed against blacks, even in the darkest days apartheid.
There is something truly evil about this animalistic hatred for whites.

Exzanian said...

Is it that old jakkals Greg that I am smelling around here?
Another dud profile, another dud comment...

Viking said...

I doubt it, Ex.

I think too that most black South Africans just want to put food on the table, and they are probably on the large, against crime. The problem is, I would say quite a large chunk of them don't think of stealing from white people as stealing at all.

It's just "sharing". And that's where I think culture comes in. One frustrated houserobber I saw on tv said that he steal because the whites "won't give to the poor people".

In other words, he is just 'helping' them do what they probably just don't have time to do, what with their busy white-people schedules and all.

Has anyone out there NOT experienced walking down a street in South Africa and being treated like a walking Dollar Sign?

Most blacks don't think stealing is a good thing. It's just that what you think is stealing and what they think is stealing is not the same thing.

I have a good coloured friend in Cape Town, who used to work on my cars. I'd give him R1,000 rand to go buy some engine parts and generally trust him not to spend it on tic.

Someone asked me whether I trust him and I said yes, but I had to qualify that. I trust him to do what's right by HIS standards, which are not the same as mine.
If he gets R1,000 to buy gaskets and gets them for 650, he might tell me they cost 950, and have "lost" the receipt.

I think that's stealing, but HE thinks he's just being clever. So I'll acknowledge that difference and act accordingly.

Sorry for the long anecdont, but this is a long way round of saying that culture matters, and although most blacks may be against "crime", their definition is not the same as ours. This is the charitable view ....

Exzanian said...

Mmmm Viking. Cultural relativity. We must remember that necklacing people to death was justified and honourable because it was done in the name of the "struggle"
So if I have to "give" my car away in the middle of the night, or "give" my mobile away in Sauer street, I guess that's a pretty small price to pay. We invented a phrase to describe it perfectly "affirmative shopping"

Viking said...

not cultural relativity so much as creative racism lol

Viking said...

no, seriously but. until they learn, it's the best you can expect.

Anonymous said...

Ja, and raping your white wife is not rape at all, it is just poor Philimon who wanted a white girlfriend. Get a fucking life.

Anonymous said...

@Viking. Most blacks don't think the ANC is a good thing, but they still vote for them. There is always a disconnect. It sounds right, to tell us that they are against crime. But the truth tells a different story, which is supported by research. It is called delayed gratification. Those that do not have the ability to delay gratification, have a higher preponderance of committing crime. Coupled to this, is the racial hatred.

Viking said...

Yes, that's almost like saying they don't know any better though isn't it?
And the racial hatred element is what I was also suggesting. It is easy to pull the trigger on a white person when they don't see us as human.

Anonymous said...

"They don't know any better"

They know better, because they can differentiate between right and wrong. They just can't help themselves. It's like nature overwhelms there cognitive ability to restrain themselves.

Viking said...

that makes sense

Anonymous said...

You've gotta leave the pipe alone in the week. It agitates people.

Viking said...

Yeh - I see that.

Viking said...

although rape and petty theft are on very different planes of existence when it comes to crimes.
People of low IQ would tend towards opportunistic crimes, though right VI?
They wouldn't necessarily plan crimes, that takes some intelligence. For example, Nigerians are probably the most intelligent (black) Africans, and they're also the worst criminals.

Anonymous said...

Petty theft and rape are only different to you and I. At its most basic, an urge is an urge. People of a lower IQ are prone to violence and a higher sex drive.

As for the Nigerians; they have an average IQ of 67, so no; they aren't more intelligent. But they have identified their comparative advantage.

But, to make sense of it in the context of the article; the disparity between Western culture and African culture (advanced versus delayed), coupled with the massive IQ and demographic differential, any advanced inhabitant would be nuts to stay.

FishEagle said...


"Yes, that's almost like saying they don't know any better though isn't it?"

I agree with that comment to some extent.

Blacks don't differentiate between whites and blacks when they steal for food on the table. Blacks will tell you it's wrong to steal, but they do it anyway. They don't know any better and its a cultural thing.

Blacks differentiate between blacks and whites when they unleash their racial hatred during their criminal activities though. They know their excessive violence is wrong.

FishEagle said...

To add on to my last comment, I don't think differences in intelligence within black tribes plays a role when the criminals become excessively violent during their criminal activities. It's purely emotional.

Viking said...

well I would want to know what you mean by "emotional". A friend of mine told me about a filling station robbery a few years ago where a teenager with an AK47 just walked up to a white couple in a car and calmly pulled the trigger, with no emotion at all.

Fuck, I don't know these people. You have to bear in mind that I've had limited exposure to them. Ive employed them, been in townships, known a few of various shades, but haven't grown up with blacks like a few of you have.

It's odd how Europeans - and I used to fall into this category - think they know more about Africans than other (white) Africans do. Mad.

Viking said...

VI, I see what you mean.
but planning a crime is a step up from petty theft, and specially housebreaking requires some basic brain skills.

Anonymous said...

You can't rationalise something that isn't rational. It just is. There is no linear explanation.

Viking said...

monkey see monkey do??

Anonymous said...

Viking, I needn't have to explain the bell curve. Not all Nigerians are resourceful. A very small percentage are, and in a way that isn't about to make waves in Silicone Valley.

FishEagle said...

Western culture is blind to the emotional carnage that Africans (NOT just blacks) experience because they are still hung up on the subsequent developments after the Enlightenment.

Viking said...

Given those facts, is it rational to impose the same system of laws on them as on us?
I would like to think it is the right thing to do, if not rational.
i.e. a crime is a crime is a crime, irrespective of whether they know it or not.

FishEagle said...

Viking, thanks for acknoweldging this

"It's odd how Europeans......think they know more about Africans than other (white) Africans do. Mad."

It's always been a bit of a sore point for me.

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that. There comes a crisis point in every migrant's life, no matter how long one lives in SA, where one says, "That's it! I've had enough! It's time to leave!" For some that crisis point may be less traumatic than others, but it's a lifetime's accumulation of continuous violence, observed or felt amorphously, causing that crisis point.

And all those SA anxieties and fears trek with migrants to their new countries too.

FishEagle said...

Ignorance is no defense in the eyes of the law. Nobody forced the legislation on blacks in SA. If South Africans had a problem with the law they could change it.

Anonymous said...

@FE. Why change anything? The law isn't enforced anyway.

What this thread needs is a little more cowbell.

FishEagle said...

@VI, yeah I agree legislation is a bit irrelevent to the discussion. But we're just throwing ideas around. Don't be a party pooper :)

It's probably Elightenment that made whites realize that personal responsibility came with individual freedom, which is why whites don't steal as much as blacks if they know that they won't get caught.

Anonymous said...

It's a lot simpler than that; IQ.

FishEagle said...

VI, we can't change IQ because it's genetic. No wonder you are a futilitarian.

FishEagle said...

VI, do you ever sleep? :)

Anonymous said...


Viking said...

"Petty theft and rape are only different to you and I. At its most basic, an urge is an urge. People of a lower IQ are prone to violence and a higher sex drive."

Having reflected on that statement, I think it makes sense. IQ is, however, an individual thing and I was approaching criminality from a cultural point of view. That view does not deny the relationship between IQ and criminality, but emphasised the role of culture in crimes of all kinds.
Rather than just be misunderstood, I'd prefer to state that some cultures perpetuate criminality more than others (like many African cultures do, in my view), and that fact does not take away from individual responsibility.
Rather, I was trying to suggest that many black South Africans, while they may believe stealing to be wrong, don't believe stealing from whites to be wrong. This is their internal racism and I don't let them off the hook for it.

Viking said...

There's an interesting discussion here:

The third commenter makes the point that low-IQ isn't a problem in itself in premodern societies.

Of course, those societies are disastrous and go nowhere, but are ideally adapted to their environment. At least in theory.

In short, if there's nothing to steal, there'll be no theft! It doesn't mean they have a more moral society, just less opportunity.
Hence the myth of the Noble Savage.