Friday, January 01, 2010

Britain Is A Menace To The Outside World

BRITAIN was yesterday accused of being “a menace to the outside world” for failing to tackle Islamic extremism.

American anger over the attempted suicide bomb attack by former student Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab prompted warnings that the biggest threat to US security came from Britain.

The 23-year-old Nigerian is thought to have embraced radical views while studying in London.

Daniel Pipes, a former adviser to Rudolph Giuliani during his presidential campaign and an expert on radical Islam, said: “The UK is a menace to the outside world. It’s been a problem for years now. This is just one more example.”

US policy makers also attacked the way British Muslims are pushed into “ghettoes”, which they say compares badly with their assimilation in America.

Pentagon aide Marc Thiessen said Muslim immigrants in the US were much better integrated and considered themselves American within a generation thanks to the US “melting pot” approach.

The former chief speechwriter to President George W Bush added: “That doesn’t exist in Europe in the same way and particularly in Britain, which is more socially stratified than the US.

“They live in Muslim ghettoes and feel alienated from the larger society and not accepted.”

Abdulmutallab, a mechanical engineering student at University College London, was president of the college’s Islamic Society between 2006 and 2007.

Like many British universities, it has been accused of failing to stop radical preachers from spreading an extremist message on campus for fear of being accused of religious hatred.

Mr Thiessen blamed liberal attitudes for allowing Islamic extremism to spread.

“We are in grave danger by doing away with vital tools in the war on terror – all in response to the hue and cry from the European Left and to appease European opinion,” he said.

“There is no shame in aggressively interrogating terrorists or treating them as enemy combatants as opposed to criminals. What was attempted in Detroit, what was done to you on the London Underground, these were not crimes – they were acts of war.”

Charles Allen, intelligence chief at the Department of Homeland Security under Mr Bush, said: “There are more challenges in Muslim immigrants integrating into British society than there is in America – a lack of assimilation, a great deal of alienation.”

He said that as a result Al Qaeda had worked much harder to recruit people who lived in the West.

British-based experts point out that radicals have flocked to the UK, attracted by lax immigration controls, generous benefits and the ability to spread their views through respect for free speech.

Despite the 2005 London attacks and other Islamist plots, they say extremist networks are still allowed to flourish here, blaming a Government obsession with multiculturalism and “human rights”.

Commenting on the American criticism, Robin Simcox, a research fellow at the Centre for Social Cohesion think-tank, said: “The British Government has to be a better ally to the United States.

“It’s appalling that a nation that should be one of the US’s closest partners is providing a significant amount of its enemies.”

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Viking said...

he makes a good argument .....

Anonymous said...

Ah - maybe the UK PC crowd is coming to the party. When are they going to learn that what's good for Muslim's aren't good for anybody else?

Anonymous said...

The solution to this abuse is authoritarian government. Sad, but true. And it will come to pass.


Anonymous said...

The solution to this abuse is authoritarian government. Sad, but true. And it will come to pass.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the Americans will send their army into Britain to help clean it up and make it a safer place for Democracy.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, the US invaded the wrong country when it went into Iraq. They should have gone into Europe, starting with Britain. Wouldn't have taken long.


Bantu Education said...

In a way its a pity this bomb didn't go off - the investigation would have discovered the terrorist on the flight and maybe, just maybe, there would be such an outcry that all Muslims be subjected to special screening and full body-searches....and the extra cost of such to be added as a tax to their flight ticket. Ah, but its nice to dream..!

Exzanian said...

In a few months time it's either a vote for UKIP or BNP.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, these situations are difficult to resolve short of violence. Witness the partition of India and Pakistan. Even if the BNP and UKIP make significant gains, there will be a way found to to negate and ignore the democratic will of the British people; the EEC is obviously a method that is being set up to circumvent the wishes of national electorates. That is why it is so dangerous, not to say immoral. Sadly, I see a grim future in Europe, and, unless the US intervenes, a long hard fight.


Anonymous said...

"The solution to this abuse is authoritarian government."

-- And that my friend is what the NWO wants. They want you to give up your freedoms and make it feel as if it was your idea.

Recall South Africa. High violent crime - well come you lot lets take everyones guns and disarm you.

Anonymous said...

I mean an authoritarian government that is on our side, not against us.

Freedom has now been weaponised by just about anyone who wishes to take down the West. They are using it against us.

We need to take back the governments. Otherwise,it will be difficult to recover, and maybe impossible. Look at the UK, for instance. The govt is blatantly ignoring the wishes of it's own majority, and working to promote the interests of a foreign culture.

This has gone way beyond what individual people can solve, exercising their "freedoms".


Anonymous said...

Britain has been a menace for centuries. Its policies have always been dumb. From her heroin sales under the Dutch East Indian Company in China to todays borders which it drew across tribal lines. I think the Brits drew that lines on purpose to encourage fighting.

John said...

Britain is a menace because it permits almost open access and refuge compared with other countries. It harboured Tom Paine even after the American War of Independence so that he could inspire the French against the British, the rebel Benjamin Franklin was made a Fellow of the Royal Society, Britain positively nurtured Karl Marx and De Gaulle, and gave refuge to numerous Anti-Apartheid campaigners. Bernardo O'Higgins enjoyed life in London. University College harboured Ghandi before his rebellious future. Even Hitler had a brief sojourn after the 1st World War, yes these Brits should be stopped...........

The problem with Islamic extremism is highly specific. See The roots of Islamic terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Dear John

We are dealing here with something rather different. The time has come to acknowledge this is a war, and in war, national survival has to assume priority. Our 'constitution', albeit unwritten, is not a suicide pact.