Saturday, December 12, 2009

World Tyrannical Government, Leaked Secret Documents and Genocide

I don't proclaim to be an environmental expert, but as a concerned global citizen I worry about the science surrounding global warming; but more importantly, I am concerned about issues surrounding carbon taxation and the apparent role that the UN plays in restricting developed economies. My concerns may be contrary to the enclosed videos, but their content, nevertheless, is so attention grabbing that they deserve to be watched, discussed and reflected upon. The world order is about to change.

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FishEagle said...

What a wally! The earth's carrying capacity has been exceeded by 1.4 times. If these so-called 'supremacists' want to reduce the world population, then so be it. All I can say is, ABOUT BLOODY TIME!

Anonymous said...

11th December 2009

Copenhagen climate change summit:

The world is COOLING not warming says scientist Peter Taylor ... and we're not prepared

In his provocative book Chill, he warns that the world is cooling not warming and that solutions proposed at Copenhagen ignore the risks of a possible return of the Ice Age...

Natural scientist Peter Taylor is afraid we are not preparing for a global cool-down that could be part of a long-term cycle

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to Alex Jones. You must do your utmost to make Copenhagen a success, for to protest is useless.

Resistance is futile.

Biblical prophecy will be fulfilled.

Anonymous said...

This is so true - the world is being controlled by certain forces and they are using climate change as scaremongering. Do your own research and you will see that these so called climate scientists are being used to push the new world order. Read read read.

Anonymous said...

I say reduce it! Hey start in Africa.

Anonymous said...

"Resistance is futile. Biblical prophecy will be fulfilled."

WRONG!, anonymous. Biblical prophecy will only be fulfilled BECAUSE we are doing nothing to stop the global elite.
MANY times in the Bible God implores His people to call on him to stop the coming destruction. Why would He do this if everything was cast in stone? We have FREE WILL. We can stop the coming nightmare at ANY time, but we refuse to do so. What Alex Jones is trying to do is to wake up as many as he can. He may not succeed, but we must NEVER give up the fight against the coming tyrant and impostor and his legions.
It's no wonder God spits out of his mouth so many luke warm Christians.

The statement about the Earth's carrying capacity being exceeded by 1.4 times; this information doesn't by any chance come from the same people who have just been caught lying about global warming, ie the UN?
When will you "environmentalists" ever learn? Politicians have hijacked the ENTIRE environmentalist movement for their own satanic agenda. They care NOTHING for the environment, but ONLY for power and the service of their coming Master!

Remember, FishEagle, once the exterminations begin, in order to reduce the World's population, where will it end? Who's to say that you or your children won't be the ones killed off, in order to "save the Earth" or to move it to a "higher level of consciousness"?

The workings of these "elitists" is pure insanity and MUST be exposed and stopped.
At the very least, we must try to!

Anonymous said...

Here are some links that shows up Global Warming and Climate change for the bollocks it is. God, I cannot believe there are idiots out there believing this junk science.

FishEagle said...

@ Anon 4.28. I totally agree that the issue has been hijacked by left politicians. Why is that? Because the right is too busy denying that a problem exists to get involved! So the proposals that we have heard were completely unacceptable, however, there were no alternatives. Way to go....not! My message to the right is to forget about the f*cking conspiracies for once and have a decent debate!

Viking said...

I agree totally, FishEagle.

Nick Griffin scored such an own-goal recently.