Friday, December 04, 2009

World Cup 2010 draw: bomb threat scare disrupts build up to draw in Cape Town

From the Telegraph:

A brief security alert has disrupted preparations ahead of this evening's World Cup 2010 draw.

04 Dec 2009
World Cup 2010: bomb threat alert disrupts build up to draw in Cape Town
High state of alert: police explosive officiers deal with incident outside World Cup draw venue Photo: GETTY IMAGES

Cape Town International Convention Centre, the draw venue, was temporarily closed following a bomb threat alert.

Journalists and officials arriving for the ceremony which gets under way at 1700 GMT, were prevented from entering the building as security staff and police officiers dealt with the situation.

Police explosives experts using sniffer dogs were called in to deal with the incident.

Telegraph football correspondent Duncan White, who is in Cape Town ahead of today's draw, said: "Two specialists in heavily padded anti-explosive suits went into the building to deal with the problem.

"Apparently it is only part of the centre that has been closed down. There's a heavy police presence on the scene and a growing crowd of curious journalists outside. The authorities are taking it very seriously - security is obviously going to be their priority."

Security in Cape Town has been stepped up to cope ahead of today's much-anticipated draw which will be attended by football figure heads as well as showbiz celebrities.

In another security alert, it has been reported that one man was arrested after making two hoax phone calls saying a bomb had been planted at the airport

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Treacle Bender said...

'tis the evil 3rd force...beware the ides of decemeber..ha ha ha ha.. (evil laugh)..:)

Anonymous said...

You have to be nuts to believe this story.Its the old ANC tactic of trying to impress the outside World and in full view of the cameras. Wait unti the real thing starts and then we will see how clever their Cops are.