Sunday, December 13, 2009

Why All Black People Need to Read Shelby Steele

This is pure brilliance.

Today conservatism is stigmatized in our culture as an antiminority political philosophy. In certain quarters, conservatism is simply racism by another name. And minorities who openly identify themselves as conservatives are still novelties, fish out of water.

Yet there is now the feeling that without an appeal to minorities, conservatism is at risk of marginalization. The recent election revealed a Republican Party -- largely white, male and Southern -- seemingly on its way to becoming a "regional" party. Still, an appeal targeted just at minorities -- reeking as it surely would of identity politics -- is anathema to most conservatives. Can't it be assumed, they would argue, that support of classic principles -- individual freedom and equality under the law -- constitutes support of minorities? And, given the fact that blacks and Hispanics often poll more conservatively than whites on most social issues, shouldn't there be an easy simpatico between these minorities and political conservatism?

[Why the GOP Can't Win With Minorities] Associated Press

'Compassionate conservatism' was clever -- as a marketing ploy.

But of course the reverse is true. There is an abiding alienation between the two -- an alienation that I believe is the great new challenge for both modern conservatism and formerly oppressed minorities. Oddly, each now needs the other to evolve.

Yet why this alienation to begin with? Can it be overcome?

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Exzanian said...

Remember Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice? Both conservatives, both powerful and competent people. More than anyone else, George W Bush himself is the reason for the collapse of conservativism in the US at the last elections. Glad to see the back of him. Asshole squared. His legacy is nothing more than a molehill that the democrats used to ascend to power.

Anonymous said...

This article is mostly smoke and mirrors. If one wishes to understand why the "minorities" [read:blacks] are monolithically democrats in the US of A one must go back to about 1914 [approx] when the Jew communist controlled NAACP used a Harvard educated mulatto named W.E.B. DuBoise to destroy the works and reputations of two far more thoughtful and substantial black Americans: George Washington Carver and Marcus Garvey. The Jew communists [Joel and Ethan Spingarn were the agents] wanted Black Americans as a permanently disaffected underclass to be used as a revolutionary avant-garde [in much the same way that certain middle east interests use the unfortunate Palestinian population] and knew that if the "self empowerment" philosophy of either Carver or Garvey gained popularity their desires would be thwarted. Knowing that they could not directly attack Garvey or Carver for fear of presenting the perception of "white" people abusing ex slaves, they instead used DuBois as their proxy, their shabbas goy, their stalking horse to effect the destruction of these two fine men.
Nothing good has come out of Harvard or Yale since before the Civil War.
I am not surprised or dissappointed that Shelby Steele would write such self serving and dishonest crap: it seems to be the best that can be expected of American academe these days.