Friday, December 04, 2009

What excites you most about the Fifa 2010 world cup draw?

Calling all patriots...Make sure you cast your vote to the above question on News24

Results so far:

What excites you most about the
FIFA World Cup final draw?

Seeing which teams will play which
31 %

Spotting celebrities
4 %

The countdown to the World Cup
9 %

It doesn’t mean anything to me
56 %

3 Opinion(s):

football world cup tickets said...

I am more interested to know who will better, who will win etc as i am big fan of soccer cant wait for 6 month

Boycott 2010 World Cup said...

Sorry Exzanian,

But clearly your defintion of 'patriot' and mine are poles apart.


These are two of my definitions:

Open Letter to FIFA 2010 World Cup Teams: God vs. FIFA: Do you have the Honourable Courage to be a ‘Flying Scotsman’?

But as Die Beeld says... don't matter how many people are dying on farms or wherever; genocide? who gives a shit?..

Over 57 of the letters the Beeld receive are from people who are upset about cricket, rugby or soccer team issues: sport...

The author was wondering whether it would be a good idea to start printing the obituaries in the sports columns, he was so frustrated with some people's definition of 'patriot'.

I agree with him.

Viking said...

Contrary to what President Bush said, you can love your country and hate your government.