Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What about Julius?

I'm OK, you're White

Here's an article from a
News24 user, Debbie, in relation to the Gareth Cliff storm-in-a-tea-cup that neatly describes the asymmetry amongst the races in Azania. If you are black, you are OK. If you are white, you are not OK.

If you are black, you are automatically on higher moral ground. If you are white, you are automatically to blame for all the failings evident in the Country because you were "previously advantaged".

If you are black, you have an automatic entitlement viz a viz your skin colour and no amount of criticism can touch that. Simply put, the tables have been turned. The rooster has come to roost, and blacks are getting their own back.

What happened to the Rainbow Nation? What happened to I'm OK, You're OK?

Dear Editor,

What is this country coming to? We have freedom of speech but does this pertain to everyone or just the majority group? I am referring to the latest circus act being performed by the Pretoria branch of the ANC Youth League. They want DJ Gareth Cliff suspended, perhaps permanently, because of what he tweeted after Manto Tshabalala Msimang's death.

Where does his right to freedom of speech end? He was speaking as an individual, a private person, not a DJ. If I were to make that same comment on Twitter or Facebook would they try and have my employer fire me too?

It seems that what things are coming to is that only those who are with the current government have any freedom. If you say anything that offends them you get gagged. That's not freedom of speech. That's not democracy. I am tired of hearing the term democracy when in actual fact all it is mounts to is hypocrisy.

If Gareth had said this on air I'd say sure, discipline him. But he made it in his private capacity. Now I'm sorry but if people are going to insist he be fired over this then Julius Malema should also be let go. Most of the time when he opens his mouth his remarks are derogatory and more often than not offensive and borderline abusive. Yet I have not heard the ANCYL take him on about it once. Should it not be tit for tat?

Gareth Cliff's comments were harsh, I don't dispute that. But as an individual he had the right to say it. Juius Malema won't let himself be gagged, why should Cliff?

I did not like Msimang either and feel saddened by the fact that thousands of innocent mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and friends lost their lives because she did not deliver. I feel sorry for the family who lost a loved one because she was pushed to the top of the donor list. I don't feel saddened by her death. I feel sympathy for her family because losing someone you love is never easy.

Still, it does not change how I feel about her passing. Does that make me a bad person? No. Am I entitled to feel indifferent and state my indifference and dislike without fear of persecution? Well, according to our constitution I am. It's called freedom of speech.

So ANCYL, catch a wake up. You will not achieve anything with this but stir more controversy in a country that is already fragile and filled with unnecessary hatred and fear.


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