Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We are not racist

Wouldn't you just love to stick a dummy into that big mouth, hey?? These idiots need to understand that whites won't fall for the race card anymore. Somehow we need to get that message across once and for all. I suspect the only thing that will do the trick is for whites to first acknowledge the difference in intelligence between blacks and whites. Once that hurdle has been crossed everything else will fall into place.

By Kallie Kriel

Afri-Forum on Thursday condemned South African Communist Party (SACP) chairman Gwede Mantashe for calling the organisation's aspirations racist.

"Mantashe erroneously portrays Afri-Forum's fair aspirations as being 'racist', while the SACP's racism is erroneously portrayed as being fair aspirations," said Afri-Forum chief executive Kallie Kriel.

"Mantashe's attack is misdirected, especially in the light of the fact that it rather is the SACP/ANC Alliance which tries to enforce a racially obsessed ideological agenda on every area of the society."

The organisation said it would not get caught in a "racial mudslinging contest" over Mantashe's comments.

In an address prepared for delivery at the SACP congress on Thursday, Mantashe said the SACP should "confront the reality" that racists were becoming more confident in South Africa.

"Organisations like Afri-Forum are becoming bolder in fighting for the racist cause," he charged, adding that there was a real risk of some comrades reacting in the "extreme" to this.

"Both affirmative action and the BEE [Black Economic Empowerment] are under siege and progressive forces are not as forthcoming as they should.

"This is one area that needs our urgent attention as the movement," he said.

Kriel said Afri-Forum would not "allow itself to be derailed" by Mantashe's comments, which rather served as a "motivation for Afri-Forum to continue striving for peaceful coexistence" in the country.

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Anonymous said...

His mom should have taught him to rather keep quiet if he hasn't got anything intelligent to say. Everytime this monkey opens his mouth its to lambast the whites. The ONLY thing that blacks have achieved in this world (besides running fast and throwing a basketball) is to pull the race card whenever they:
1. Feel threatened
2. Not getting their way
3. Need money from whites
4. Are shown to be inept (which is all the time)
5. Just because they can
6. Just because they can...


Anonymous said...


Beware of Italian Ivo Serentha and Friends ... Blah blah.. Photosphera BS comment!

My service provider says its a phsishing scam! Watch out for these Xmas scammers!

ILSA I suggest BIN the Ivo comment!

Viking said...

Done, anon. That one slipped through the net... thanks for the heads-up


Progressive forces ???? Huh..?
The same that circumcise with dirty knives ???

Anonymous said...

It has been pubically stated that the mines will be nationalized. When they do this, they are going to pay the cleaners the same as the engineers, which means that the cleaners will have a huge increase in pay and the engineers (technical staff) will see a huge decrease in pay.

The result will be that all the technical staff will down tools and the mines will stand. Should be quite interesting to experience the first mass strikes where whites are involved.

At least the standing mines will be spotlessly clean.

(Reading he's illogical statements one can't help but see the impending doom that South Africa is heading towards.)

Anonymous said...