Tuesday, December 01, 2009

UK Leftwing Government Propaganda Exposed In Schools

By Jonathan B (BNP)

It has been discovered that a programme currently being distributed in schools to combat violent extremism is in fact government propaganda designed to whitewash the effects of immigration, a YBNP investigation has revealed.

The programme, ‘Where’s The Line’, has so far cost the taxpayer £20,000 and will be shown in Religious Education and Citizenship classes in the form of printouts and slideshows.

After hearing about the new programme I decided to take a look. So I signed up under a schools name in order to access the documents which contain anti-white, pro-Islam, extreme left-wing propaganda, which will be force fed to pupils in Primary and Secondary schools.

After viewing the slideshow, I found rather secretive ‘Teachers Notes’, which took an hour or so to get through. It contained 5 PDF Documents. To my dismay, it contained further anti-white and pro-Islam propaganda for the teacher to preach to children.

The programme claims that there have been no criminal, economic or educational effects of immigration, despite official figures showing that the majority of new jobs in Britain over the past 5 years have gone to immigrants.

Listing some of the stuff I have found in those documents would make for a rather cluttered article, so here are some screenshots of the madness:

[click images to enlarge or click on links shown. I've included three images to give you a gist of the material being preached to British school kids.]



On the same document, a large table is shown stating ‘Myths’ and ‘Facts’ and a source of the information, often linking to the Islam Awareness Week website ‘iaw.org.uk’. The table, consisting of 20 rows, contains what the government call ‘Myths’ and ‘Facts’ as shown on the images below:



There are 20 rows of Pro-Islam material shown on this document, and the final 2 rows show just how the government try to make immigrants look innocent as well as showing how they more likely to get more qualifications, as shown below:


At no point does it actually talk about extremism, as all of the documents are filled with Pro-Islamic statements.

As I moved onto another PDF, I found material for teachers to choose from in the form of articles about violent extremism. These articles are not shown on the material given to the pupils. Out of the 5 Articles in the Teachers Notes, one of them is from 2007, about Mr Cottage, a BNP member at the time, stocking up on things such as a Bow and Arrow, and 2 Radiation Suits. The editors of the programme seem to think this is more important than terrorist bombings and the current threat from Islamic extremism.

Then I uncover ever more shocking things that pupils are told to do, which is as follows:


Yes! Pupils are being told to debate FOR Multiculturalism, and AGAINST historic British culture. Further proof that in this ‘state’ there is a serious underpinned conspiracy to force us into a multi-cultural society and to concrete over our culture with a Marxist fist.

Pupils are then shown images such as Cricket, Cathedrals, and Fish and Chips, alongside images of Chinese families, China Town, a town containing all Muslim orientated shops, and an image of a black family.

The final blow in this report comes in the 5th PDF at the very end; pupils are given a list of phone numbers to call if they need help. The list, shown on the PDF is as follows:


The National Youth Muslim Support Group. Clearly, this shows how it really is, they get to have everything, yet we get nothing.

How is this psychological propaganda allowed to circulate through schools in Britain?

The ‘Where’s The Line’ programme will enter schools across the country soon after being tested in Greater Manchester.



PDF does not require any login when visited directly, but the student resources do require a log in (you can register to view them).

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