Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thieves hit Cape stadium

They are already stealing the place apart before it has even been used.

By Murray Williams Staff Writer
The theft of key aluminium fittings at the Cape Town Stadium resulted in the structure being damaged by the strong winds that battered Cape Town at the weekend.
The stadium, which was handed over to the City of Cape Town late last week, is all but complete - pending attendance to the new owners' "snag list", which will be dealt with by the contractors.
The damage happened at the weekend, when winds of up to 170km/h lashed the city - and the City Bowl and Foreshore in particular.
The city's 2010 spokesman, Pieter Cronje, said today special "reinforced curtains" - woven mesh made of fibreglass with strengthening Teflon coatings - had been torn in the high winds.
These sheets are wrapped around the steel frames on the outside of the stadium, letting natural light through.
Cronje said it had emerged that the sheets had torn because aluminium "caps", which attached the sheets, had been stolen.
Four of the large sheets had been torn and would now be added to the list of items the contractors would have to attend to, rather than being paid for by ratepayers, he said.
Sources said the aluminium fittings had been traced to a scrap yard after they were stolen, but had already been destroyed. But this could not be confirmed by official sources.
The thefts come after reports at the weekend that a number of bolts and cables had also been stolen from the stadium.
Cronje said pilfering was a common problem at any construction site.
"Fortunately, the scale of the thefts was insignificant," he said. He said every alleged theft was being investigated thoroughly.

Cape Argus on December 17, 2009

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Anonymous said...

Will there be anything left after the kaffirs steal everything off of this stadium?

Anonymous said...

The SWC better happen quickly otherwise everything will be stollen before it's begun!