Friday, December 04, 2009


It is strange to me how black South Africans fought so long and hard for their freedom and yet are prepared to accept such a shit government in the ANC.

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Leifur said...

Recently I saw a typical leftwing/green (The melona concept, green on the outside, red within), documentary about the supposed evil of water privatization, called:

Flow: For Love of Water

Well, we all have to pay for what we need, but that is exactly what makes the western world a good place to be. It is also applicaple in some areas in other parts of the world, like in the white areas of South Africa I presume and higher and middle class areas in South America. I highly doupt that the Asian thugocracies let anyone get anything free.

What interested me in it was a scheme of privatization in South Africa, where people had to have some kind of pre-paid cards to use on communal water pipes to get water from them. I had got from this site and others the image that the ANC government was seeing through their fingers all usage of communal utilities like water and electricity by poor blacks while taxing the whites more and more to pay for it all.

So are there some good news like that going on? Is it maybe led by the DA in Cape Town or what?

I would think this is exactly the way to go, imposing the standard of the western world on all people, whatever their race or whatever. Then you will get a meritocracy.

Please give us the readers some information about such systems and if it is working, best wishes and keep up the good work despite all,