Monday, December 28, 2009

The soul of Southern Africa.

The ANC is baring it soul. The underbelly of the beast.

It is very clear that the ANC will NEVER change for the better.

SA owes its freedom to Zanu-PF: ANC

Monday, December 14, 2009

By Fortious Nhambura

THE African National Congress has promised its unwavering support for Zanu-PF, saying it has always been indebted to the party for assisting the South African liberation struggle and that of the whole region.

Addressing the just-ended Zanu-PF Fifth National People's Congress in Harare on Saturday, ANC national executive committee member Cde Tokyo Sexwale hailed Zanu-PF's contribution to regional liberation and said this should never be overlooked.

Cde Sexwale was delivering a solidarity message on behalf of the ANC, its leadership and South African President Jacob Zuma.

"It is Zanu-PF that supported all of us in the Southern African region to have the freedom we enjoy today.

"The importance of Zanu-PF in Zimbabwe and in the region cannot be overemphasised in the quest for political freedom.

"Zanu-PF played a big role in bringing the end to colonialism, to racism in South Africa and in the region.

"It is our sincere hope that this congress shapes the future of Zimbabwe and the region," Cde Sexwale said.

"We as ANC and Zanu-PF remain as one. We know where we came from and we know our history. What goes on in South Africa will eventually affect Zimbabwe and what happens in Zimbabwe must affect South Africa," he said

Cde Sexwale said Zanu-PF should lead the way in ensuring the success of the Global Political Agreement, economic development and poverty alleviation in Zimbabwe.

"The decisions reached at this congress will help inject life into the inclusive Government," he added.

Cde Sexwale drew loud cheers from delegates when he called for the immediate lifting of all forms of sanctions imposed against Zimbabwe by Britain and its allies.

"We want to call on the world and everyone to recognise the GPA and lift any sanctions imposed on the country."

Cde Sexwale urged Zimbabweans to safeguard the gains of their hard-won independence for which many of their sons and daughters died fighting."Your enemies never criticise you, but they will (instead) destroy you, only your friends will criticise you in a constructive manner. Zimbabwe should always heed the call whenever South Africa criticises you."

Cde Sexwale took the opportunity to ask for Zimbabwe's support for the 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup, saying his country would be sending a delegation to brief Government on what support they would need.

In response, Zanu-PF passed a resolution at the end of the congress throwing its weight behind South Africa as an able host that could successfully stage the soccer extravaganza.

The ANC delegation joined other sister liberation movements who graced the congress and delivered solidarity messages to the party. These included Zambia's Unip, Frelimo of Mozambique, the Chinese Communist Party, and the Cuban Communist Party, among others

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Anonymous said...

They can continue slapping each others backs and passing their liberation struggle stories down through the ages, via word of mouth of course.

It's all bullshit, and nobody cares.

AC, as you know the West doesn't give a shit either. It is only the politicians that pander to these pricks.

Angulus Calx said...


Jup, totally agree with you.

It scares the bejesus out of me, because I still have a very soft spot for SA.

Anonymous said...

AC, don't we all. I don't get North America. It is a crappy place, and given a choice, I would return to SA. However, even with lowered standards, and I have been prepared to lower mine a lot, SA still doesn't make the grade.

Angulus Calx said...

Is the northern winter getting you down?


Yes, i wil go back tomorrow...but reality dictates that i will never go back.

Anonymous said...

Hey VI and AC - come on over to Aussieland. It's beautiful and the Ozzies are not very PC so I slot in well here. Sure, they aren't perfect but I think miles better than the USA's and the Canadians.

Anonymous said...

That article appeared in The Herald and sounds like pure Mugabe spin.

Max said...

Through all the madness, destruction, mayhem and murder that has taken place in Zimbabwe and South Africa (which of course the world was aware of)through condemnation, sanctions, criticism and outcries against the policies and actions of ZANU-PF and the ANC's support thereof, there has never been a moment when the ANC left ZANU-PF in the lurch or betrayed them. Makes you think does it not? They are supporting each other in a common ideology where the outcome is victory at all costs regardless of what evil has to be committed.
If only John Voster and his cronies could of had more guts and backbone and given Ian Smith the same loyal support, who knows where we would be today.