Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sociopath Dirk Prinsloo "forgives" Cezanne Visser, envies Jacob Zuma

Who can forget those lovable pranksters and pedophiles Dirk Prinsloo and Cezanne Visser? Shame, Dirkie is feeling sorry for himself in a Belarus prison. Hell, let him stay there if it saves the SA taxpayer money.


Dirk Prinsloo has "forgiven" his former girlfriend Cezanne Visser for the "fairytale facts" she and the National Prosecuting Authority alleged against him.

In another letter from prison in Belarus, Prinsloo reacted to Visser's conviction on 11 sexually related charges in the Pretoria High Court last month.

He also reacted to the charges that were formally put to him in Belarus, stating that regardless of claims by one of his former girlfriends that he was in possession of pornographic material, nothing came of it.

After learning that Visser was found guilty, Prinsloo wrote: "Cezanne is just a good person who chose to try and survive at all costs, no matter on whom she may have to step, or how much she may have to humiliate herself.

"She was also influenced to adopt her crazy 'defence' by her friends, mother and opportunistic and greedy lawyers."

He said Visser was an "amazing person".

Prinsloo has been in custody in Belarus since his arrest in June this year after an alleged attempted bank robbery in Baranovichi.

This happened four years after he skipped bail in his South African trial with Visser.

According to the head of international co-operation in the Belarus Interior Ministry, a Colonel Starikovich, Prinsloo is formally charged with robbery with aggravating circumstances, hooliganism (allegedly beating a woman while he was running away from the bank), theft of a former girlfriend's necklace, torture of one of his girlfriends and threat of murder, grievous bodily damage or destruction of property against bank personnel.

No sexual charges were put to him, although a mental examination apparently confirmed the presence of sexual deviations.

Referring to his Belarus case, Prinsloo said he was not expecting a fair trial. He said according to the Belarus system, the judge would receive the whole docket before the trial, including all "admissible and inadmissible evidence mixed together".

In addition, Prinsloo said, his right of cross-examination - "being one of my much hailed strong points as an ex-advocate" - would be "virtually nullified" as witnesses may choose not to physically appear in court.

Prinsloo also claimed the South African intelligence services were trying to block his support lines (letters and parcels) because he had "humiliated" them for many years.

"The collective aim of these illegal bleeding-me-dry tactics is to emaciate and break me physically and mentally," said Prinsloo.

He felt the motive was to weaken him so much that he could not put up a defence in Belarus and would be only too happy to be extradited.

"I have quite a few surprises for them, however," he said. Regarding Visser, Prinsloo stated that she was innocent, but not for the reasons her defence had claimed.

He felt that if Visser had stuck to normal legal principles and defences, the case against her (and him) would have been won "quite easily".

He said he did not have any bad feelings against Visser's mother. "I respect her mother's dogged loyalty towards Cezanne. "I know she and Cez will easily get through this setback coz they stand together," Prinsloo wrote.

As a post script, Prinsloo referred to President Jacob Zuma, saying he understood why he (Zuma) compared his suffering to that of Jesus during his "persecution".

"The honourable president could hardly have used a better example to convey his pain. I feel the same. The only problem is that my crucifixion had taken almost nine years, and I was not spared an ounce of pain.

"And while the honourable president had many loyal people to support him, I stand virtually alone and my few allies are intimidated by the collective efforts of the Legion of Liars."

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