Monday, December 14, 2009

Royal farmer.

You always read in the newspapers how white farmers treat their black farm workers, and you might be excused for getting the idea that only whites abuses blacks.

I have news for those simpletons out there that thinks that the black man is a gentle creature that looks at other people with love in their hearts.

And please don’t try to look for double standards here!!

Here is a man that has abused, beaten, killed, burned down homesteads on his farm, and is out on bail for R6000.00, and also wants the state to pay his legal costs.


13 December 2009
Matthew Mpahlwa

AbaThembu King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo showed the judiciary system the middle finger after he was sentenced to 15 years in jail.

Dalindyebo was convicted of arson, culpable homicide, kidnapping, assault and defeating the ends of justice – to name but a few of the 20-plus charges against him – in the Mthatha High Court last week.

Dalindyebo, a clan nephew of former president Nelson Mandela, has been out on R6000 bail.

Dalindyebo was convicted of ordering and participating in the savage beatings of three men suspected of being criminals on his farm Tyalara during an incident of rebellion against him in 1995.

He also ordered the fatal beating of an 18-year-old boy, torched the homesteads of three “disobedient residents” who refused to pay his fines, kidnapped a woman and her six children and ordered his victims not to report the matter to the police.

In an exclusive interview with Sunday World after he was sentenced, Dalindyebo said Judge Sytze Alkema, who presided over his case, “must go to hell”.

He says today he is called a “royal criminal” because he refused to play a “black puppet boy” before Judge Alkema.

He claims the judge had no right to pass judgement on him as a king.

“How do you get justice when an inferior person judges a superior? It does not happen in any world of logic,” says Dalindyebo.

The Thembu king accuses the judge of being racist because he failed to recognise him as a king throughout the trial.

“If a judge enters a room where there is a king, he must salute Ah! Zwelibanzi. He cannot be excused, unless we live in a country where my culture is inferior to Roman Dutch law.”

He says the judge failed on numerous occasions to salute him.

He also claims he is the victim of a political conspiracy and unfair treatment. He argues that if, as a king, he is accused of anything he has a right in law to make a presentation directly to the

President or the director of the National Prosecuting Authority.

“The judge and the state prosecution deprived me of that right, while it is in black and white in our Constitution.

“If a judge fails to see that I am a high profile person, while he recognises the case as a high profile case, then there is a mental problem with that judge. How do you file a high profile case with a nonentity?”

He claims the court case drained him financially and he does not have money to pay his own defence team.

“ At some stage the judge arrogantly withdrew my bail for the whole day to make me tell him if I have money.”

The king said he thought the state would pay his legal bill .

“But you see, the judge took me to places like Legal Aid to get lawyers, places which have appalling conditions for a person of my status ,” says the king.

Giving the judgment last week, Judge Alkema said Dalindyebo did not show remorse for what he did. The king contends that he was not supposed to because as far as he’s concerned he is innocent.

“The judge cannot expect that from me. If he wants that, he can go to hell and come back,” says the offended monarch.

It has come to the attention of Sunday World that Dalindyebo was given an opportunity to apply for the judge to recuse himself, but Dalindyebo did not avail himself of the opportunity.

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Vanilla Ice said...

Well, he is a common criminal so he shouldn't get air time. But regardless, his views probably reflect those of many millions.

Notice the air of superiority, a fundamental tenet of racism. Also, notice the "we are not all equal before the law", as well as the "Roman Dutch law is not superior to our culture" attitudes.

Anonymous said...

Here's a salute for him - a one finger one.


King Kong lives ! A real royal prick this VIP !

Anonymous said...

Before one can be a King, one should first be a MAN!