Monday, December 07, 2009

Protesters Disrupt DA Leader's Address

Police fired rubber bullets to disperse a rowdy crowd who tried to prevent Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille from addressing residents at Winterveldt, north of Pretoria, on Sunday.

About 500 people had gathered at Slovoville Park, making fires with braai stands and burning DA flags in front of a stage erected for Zille's address, said spokesperson Inspector llisi Ramatlo.

"They were very aggressive when police tried to speak to them so they were dispersed by firing rubber bullets. Seven people were arrested and some people were slightly wounded. We don't know how many at this point," said Ramatlo.

The situation was brought under control and Zille was able to make her address and left safely.

"These people obviously had ulterior motives," said Ramatlo.

According to SABC news, during her address, Zille said no-one will intimidate her from addressing people anywhere in the country.

She said if the people trying to disrupt her address were ANC members, President Jacob Zuma would be very embarrassed by their actions.

In a media statement issued after the incident, Zille condemned the disruption of the meeting as "unconstitutional".

"The police acted promptly and professionally to protect our right to hold the meeting, by dispersing the crowd and defending our right to gather and to speak."

Independent Democrats leader Patricia De Lille said she appealed to all political parties to respect the constitutional right for people to belong to the party of their choice.

"The Independent Democrats condemns the political intolerance of whoever was responsible for disrupting the meeting of DA leader Helen Zille," she said in a statement. - Sapa

Update: The ANC has sinced condemned the disruption.

5 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

Kaffirs acting like they are in a "third world country". I almost forgot, they are!

Sakkie de Kok said...

I want to piss in my pants from laughter when I read about liberals having their meetings disrupted by aggressive hooligans. All of a sudden it´s undemocratic and the police are called in to disperse them.
This doesn´t happen when right wing parties in Europe hold rallies. In Germany, the right wing don´t get permission to hold rallies any longer because, it´s claimed by the authorities, it incites violence. And in Britain, the BNP are abused, threatened and intimidated while the police stand by and watch.
So, Helen Zilch is just getting a bit of her own medicine, with one exception. At least in SA the police take action on the DA´s behalf. She should be so lucky.

Anonymous said...

It has always been a 3rd world country!

Anonymous said...

Patricia de Lille is too nice to be a politician.

Anonymous said...

Patricia de Lille is a moron.