Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Police Snipers Kill Hijackers

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Two hijackers have been shot dead by police snipers following a 20-hour hostage drama outside Petrusburg in the Free State this morning, paramedics said.

quote The sniper unit of the task force just neutralised them quote

ER24 spokesman Lloyd Krause said the saga started around 10am on Monday when a farm in the small town of Petrusburg was attacked.

"The farmer whose farm was under attack called his neighbours for assistance and the neighbours responded."

But the neighbours, a father and son, were hijacked by the attackers on their way to the farm house.

"The father and son duo is believed to have had a hunting rifle with them at the time of the hijacking," said Krause.

The hijackers sped off with them on Abrahamskraal road from Petrusburg toward Bloemfontein.

"The son managed to escape from the hijacked vehicle and managed to run to the Bainsvlei police station and summoned help."

A chase ensued when the police became involved and the hijacked vehicle came to a standstill on the road around 2pm, but the hijackers refused to hand themselves over.

"The police task force arrived on the scene at approximately 5pm. Negotiations ceased at approximately 5am this morning [Tuesday] and resumed at approximately 6.10am. Food was delivered to the hijacked vehicle's occupants at approximately 9pm last night."

Krause said at around 7am on Tuesday morning, the two hijackers were shot dead.

"Both of the hijackers were shot by police task force officers and are deceased. The sniper unit of the task force just neutralised them," said Krause.

The father was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Police spokesman Senior Superintendent Vishnu Naidoo would not confirm the information released by the paramedics, saying the police would issue its own statement later in the day.

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Always good news when criminal vermin gets culled. Viva the snipers!

Anonymous said...

Kindly remember the battle of Bloodriver today 16 Dec 1838. The day of the covenant.

Anonymous said...

Anon: I second that. Day of Reconciliation se moer.