Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words……

I was appalled when I read this little article.

It is not a crime to own, or display the “old” flag. It is just not the official flag anymore.

The arrogance displayed by the police in belittling the woman, and by “confiscating” the flag, is beyond words. Stealing?

And they threaten the woman as well with “corrective action”.


After I got over the content of the article I started to look at the picture of Bongani Ntanjana.

He looks like an overweight petulant child on the playground of a school. A bully really.

If that picture is representative of the leadership of the police, then there is no hope for a reduction of crime in South Africa.

Cop boss enraged over old flag

Dries Liebenberg

Durban - Bheki Cele, national police chief, became infuriated on Tuesday in reaction to an old South African flag on a desk in a Metrorail office.

Cele and Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa were in the city to announce the police's crime-fighting campaign for the holidays.

On his way to a conference hall in the Durban railway station, Mthethwa came to an abrupt stop when he saw the little flag on a desk of a junior Metrorail manager.

He called Cele over immediately. The police chief asked the woman, whose office it is, why the flag was on her desk.

Flag 'is beautiful'

With a large version of the new South African flag taking pride of place on the wall above her, and a Sharks flag in the window, the woman quietly answered that it's something she finds beautiful.

"That's out of order!" Cele called out, and gave the command to have it confiscated.

After the woman said she's very sorry, Bongani Ntanjana, deputy chief of police in KwaZulu-Natal, removed the flag.

According to Dumisani Dube, Metrorail district manager, the head of the finances department, where the woman works, was not aware of the old flag in the office.

"There will be an investigation with the view to corrective action," he said.

Crime-fighting plan

Mthethwa and his deputy, Fikile Mbalula, along with Cele and the provincial police management, were part of a large display of power through the streets of Durban with the message that the government is serious about its "crusade against crime" during the festive season.

After Monnye Ngobeni, KwaZulu-Natal's chief of police, handed a copy of the province's crime-fighting plan to Cele, Mthethwa pointed out murder, robbery and hijackings as special points.

However, very little was divulged about KwaZulu-Natal's plan.

Phindile Radebe, provincial spokesperson, only said that 20 000 police officials would be deployed, policing of beaches would be heightened, and the tactical reaction team will be used to combat robberies and hijackings.

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FishEagle said...

Such arrogance makes the blood boil.

Exzanian said...

That face is a proper flapjack face. Lined with indolence, sloth and arrogance. Half devil, half child my bru.

Anonymous said...

Yep. They have no respect for the history that came before them. You see, according to these revisionists, if history isn't according to them, then it must be evil. Be assured they wouldn't even be able to recite our history, other than repeat the word Apartheid ad nauseum.

Exzanian said...

To add on...Damn, it's pathetic! Look at this Great Detective. "I'm a true Sherlock Holmes. Crafted from the best. Look at the evidence I have found! AHA, Contraband! I'm such a hero, I think I'll put my droopy Holmes face on for the camera..."
(Exzanian note to self..withdraw, blood pressure rising, not worth it..withdraw)

Tia Mysoa said...

I was also appalled when I saw this in the news today. The pic you placed here is indeed worth a thousand words!

Bheki Cele’s actions in this incident once again exemplifies the ANC’s savage arrogance, and their inborn craving to dominate, control, and terrorize the citizens of this country. Cele is nothing more than a common gangster, who believes that his ‘Supet-Zuma-powers’ as National Commissioner of the SA Police, has given him the authority to victimize members of other departments beyond his jurisdiction. Besides the fact that it is not (yet) a criminal offence to display the old SA flag in this country, Mr Cele had no authority whatsoever to walk into an office of the Metrorail Dept. and give orders to confiscate property that had no relation to crime ,or the prevention thereof.

From reports in the media, it sounds as if the official involved had a natural fondness for flags. A big version of the new South African flag was hanging on her wall behind her desk, and their was also a flag for the Sharks rugby team. I hope this Metrorail official realizes that what happened in her office actually boils down to common theft, and possible charges of crimen injury!

Kind Regards...

From Tia Mysoa >>

Anonymous said...

Looks like he just took a dump in his pants after being reminded of the old days.

Ron. said...
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Ron. said...

This is so ironic because they struggled to gain control of the State that this flag represented. Odd that they would waste time on this while NEGLECTING to get a grip on the crime problem. The person who owned the flag in question sounds like a vexillologist as the individual was admiring the heraldic "beauty" of the flag not admiring the National Party regime which adopted it in 1927. I also have problems with this flag [ though I have to say that it is quite an appropriate symbolic flag illustrating the political dynamic within the macro local White population of the 20th cent ] but I can at least admire its aesthetic appearance & the history demonstrated in it. People [ particularly vexillologists ] collect all sorts of flags but this does not mean that they necessarily ascribe to the ideologies associated with the given flags.