Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pick n Pay boss blasts racism claims

I have a couple of suggestions to make to Pick n Pay:

Get rid of all packers, we can pack our own groceries.

Rationalise the trolley porters, there are way too many of them.

Get rid of all carguards. We don't need "protection" or parking lessons. This will take stress off shoppers and keep change in their own pockets.

Offer free mall parking on proof of making a purchase from Pick n Pay, making sure the process is automated.


Johannesburg - Pick n Pay's chairperson Raymond Ackerman is "outraged" at what he called the "appalling accusation" by the SA Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers' Union (Saccawu) of racism in the company.

In a statement on Thursday, Ackerman said Pick n Pay's history over 43 years spoke for itself.

"Both the company and I suffered significant abuse at the hands of former politicians for our stand on human rights for black South Africans.

"We were harassed for our decision to violate the Job Reservation Act and promote black South Africans to positions they had earned in Pick n Pay," he said.

Last week Saccawu members at Pick n Pay embarked on a one day strike, accusing the company's CEO Nick Badminton of racism.

"They have provided no evidence to their blanket accusations.

"They have made vague references to a comment that was allegedly made by our CEO, according to them over a decade ago," Ackerman said.

'In short, it's utter nonsense'

He added that Saccawu had not explained why it had taken ten years to raise the complaint.

"Our CEO, Nick Badminton, has stated clearly and without any hesitation whatsoever that he said no such thing.

"In short, it's utter nonsense."

As to Saccawu's other allegations, when the union raised a list of unspecific issues with Pick n Pay, it offered to create a Commission of Enquiry - "not once but four separate times", Ackerman said.

"They rejected this offer each time. "We have done our part and offered to try and resolve whatever problems they said they were having.

"In rejecting our offer, they clearly have no real interest in resolving this and this is borne out by comments made by the union."

He said during last week's strike Saccawu had handed a memorandum to the company's human resources director, Isaac Motaung, "who ironically started his career at Pick n Pay as a trolley porter".

'We are not simply going to accept what the union has done'

Ackerman acknowledged that Pick n Pay was not "perfect".

"We have over 39 000 employees. There are going to be times when someone, somewhere, behaves less than perfectly.

"We accept this and of course rectify whatever requires attention immediately it is brought to our attention and the proper procedures are followed in accordance with the law."

He said that over the years Pick n Pay had worked hard to earn not only the respect of its customers but also the respect of its employees.

"We are not simply going to accept what the union has done," he added.

Ackerman said he was entering his last three months as chairperson of Pick n Pay.

"We have in the past and will continue to work diligently against any form of racism.

"But we will not tolerate this abuse and deliberate action on their [Saccawu's] part to damage our reputation and weaken our resolve."

Saccawu could not be immediately reached for comment.

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Viking said...

Great comeback from old Ray!

Anonymous said...

Liberals never learn. Good that they are being hit on the hands.

Dachshund said...

Wonder where Ray Ackerman will retire? Probably in Oz. Had enough of this shit.

Exzanian said...

It's sickening. They are infantile and evil at the same time. It reminds me of Kiplings poem:

Take up the White Man's burden--
Send forth the best ye breed--
Go, bind your sons to exile
To serve your captives' need;
To wait, in heavy harness,
On fluttered folk and wild--
Your new-caught sullen peoples,
Half devil and half child.

Anonymous said...

Ja, Old Ray for Helping Kaffers !! What can I say, ? REtire and put a Black in your position, maybe the harrasment will go away, Liberals pour money into it, to save the day... My advice fire the fuc$%ers

Anonymous said...

Ray deserves all he gets. He's been pro-balck all his life and takes us for a ride at the tills. Now he too can get the "real" IQ67 treatment.

Dachshund said...

Now, now. Raymond Ackerman wanted to provide cheaper petrol at self-service stations but was prevented by the ANC from doing so.

Anonymous said...

Typical k4 brakke, bite the hand who feed them.

But then on the other hand Ray Ackerman had it coming, now lets hope he enjoys reaping what he wanted.

White traitor...