Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pedagogery and Pseudo-Intellectuals of The African Persuasion

Whilst reading an article about the passing of South African poet, Dennis Brutus (Apologies but I had never heard of him), I came across a very humorous article. As an aside, the Dennis Brutus article can be found by either clicking on the Twitter link to your left, or here.

The humorous article, published online by one Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., Ph.D, is quintessentially the work of a black academic. It's content is so funny, that I couldn't help myself, but laugh out loud.

I republish an extract here:

"Needless to say, it amounts to grossly and flagrantly shortchanging the truth and actuality of his esthetic poignancy for any critic to cavalierly claim Nigeria’s Christopher Okigbo to have esthetically subordinated the celebrated South African anti-Apartheid firebrand activist. I am, of course, fully cognizant of the source of the Okigbo Myth, a largely ethno-nationalist campaign geared towards perpetually preempting the vigorously contested landscape of both twentieth- and twenty-first century African poetry."

Is this guy for real?

Are black academics so desperate to be seen as being intellectual, that they embrace the English language in a way that achieves the exact opposite? For Pete's sake, if this isn't a grand display of pedagogery, then I don't know what is.

At first I just brushed the article off, but then I noticed this guy is a Professor in the USA, and the author of 21 books. So I did an Amazon search; needless to say, not one of his books has ever been reviewed. I wonder if any were bought?

This "genius" has made the "profound" contribution to history, that "demonstrates the Transatlantic Slave Trade to have been the primary product of Western Europe’s industrial revolution".

Naturally his peers don't take him seriously, in fact, they don't even know who he is. It is guys like this that result in ALL African qualifications being discounted to the point of worthlessness.

But I don't have to be critical of him, or this type of display. Just read what a commenter to the above article had to say.

6 Opinion(s): said...

Mr. Monkey, what makes you presume that I have been desperately searching for reviewers? Have you bothered to lift up your thinking cap just enough to prompt you to ask whether my literary output is primarily determined by/and or motivated by the opinions of any academic critics?

What is your problem here? That you are simply too daft to recognize the stark and simple truth that we all cannot write in the same vapid style that you apparently crave, just as not all Africans speak the same language with the same level of linguistic proficiency and intellectual temperament and acumen?

Lime said...

Is this guy for real? He's going to hurt himself using all those big mumbo-jumbo words. I've tried to read the paragraph in the article 3 times and I still don't know what his point is (and I'm english speaking!). His comment above also makes little sense. Maybe he should stick to little words that us dim people can understand. After all, us white folk aren't that intelligent!

Vanilla Ice said...

@The Aloof Mr. Ahoofe.

You either know how to read a backtrack or you have Google Alerts set up to track your own name. I suspect the latter.

Your badly worded first paragraph suggests that your literary output is determined by an academic audience. If this is so, why have you not changed your literary style to suit a broader audience, assuming you are published in peer-reviewed journals of course?

Your style is reminiscent of a retail display. Unless you overtly display that you are learned, you run the risk that nobody will notice. Shame.

On the issue of daft; ha ha ha, let's just say you can call me Dr. VI, when you respond. It makes me feel superior to mere mortals, and I swear I can feel my dick grow at the same time.

Seriously, you should get a job writing instruction manuals for the Chinese. You couldn't be any worse.

Dachshund said...
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Dachshund said...

Strange person this okoampaahoofe.

"Lift up your thinking cap". Never heard that metaphor before. Normally you put on your thinking cap if you're about to engage in a particularly strenuous intellectual effort.

"Not all Africans speak the same language ... linguistic proficiency ... intellectual temperament (intellect is a temperament??? WTF) ... acumen" = "Niggers aren't very bright."

Anonymous said...

...and what's with the repeated use of the (incorrectly used and incorrectly spelt) 'aesthetic'? Are you using American 'English'. For God's sake: if you're going to try to bludgeon people with big words you don't know the meaning of, at least use and spell them correctly!

Even the most basic of English classes teaches one not to repeat the same adjective or descriptor multiple times within the same paragraph. It indicates lack of useful vocabulary, and lack of imagination. Which, as it happens, is shown clearly by the rest of your writing...