Wednesday, December 23, 2009

'Oh God, not again'

Pretoria - "Oh God, not again," said Renier Lamprecht on Tuesday when he realised he'd been shot during a house robbery for the second time in three years.

He died an hour later.

His partner, Hannelie du Toit, 39, was with him in their bedroom when four men broke into the couple's house on a smallholding in Pumulani in the Kameeldrift area, north east of Pretoria.

Du Toit only realised Lamprecht , 43, had been shot when she saw the bed was soaked in blood.

Lamprecht was hit in the torso. A tearful Du Toit told how Lamprecht had seen four men in the living room when he got up to use the bathroom at about 03:30.

"His screaming woke me up.

"I jumped up and helped him close the door. Then I heard the shot."

While Lamprecht and Du Toit were trying to keep the door closed, the robbers fired a shot through the door. Then Lamprecht stood back and the robbers came into the room.

Lamprecht and Du Toit were forced onto their bed, where their hands and feet where tied.

The robbers repeatedly asked them for firearms, a safe and jewellery, but they had nothing. Eventually the robbers fled with Lamprecht's bakkie, three cellphones, a laptop and Du Toit's handbag.

"Renier turned around and realised he'd been shot. He just said: 'Oh God, not again'," Du Toit said.

When Du Toit heard the robbers driving off, she loosened the cellphone charger cables around her wrists with her teeth and hopped to the kitchen where she could cut off the tie and shoelaces around her ankles.

She went back to the room to cut Lamprecht's restraints before going to the neighbours to look for help.

Du Toit was still at the neighbours' house when the paramedics came to tell her they'd done everything they could, but unfortunately were unable to save him.

"I went home just to say 'bye'," she said as she wiped the tears from her cheeks.

In the previous incident, about three years ago, Lamprecht had been alone in a house on a smallholding outside Rustenburg when two robbers broke in.

They robbed him and shot him in the stomach three times.

- Beeld

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Anonymous said...

Another case of a savage kaffir hate crime against the South African white's.

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I don't understand the point of this site: all these stories are available on SA websites anyway. A monkey can cut and paste this stuff and republish. Any chance of doing something original?

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If you don't like it don't read it or maybe you can ask the owner to let you write some of your OWN ORIGINAL POSTS.

Not every one has the time to be looking for South African news on the internet (I am not even South African nor have I ever been one). If you have been reading this blog from some time you might notice that there is original content but I am not reading this blog only for that. I like this blog because I always discover new blogs I like from the articles they post.

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@Aon 12:46- you are free not to visit again; please keep your irrelevant comments to yourself.