Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Obama suffers from political premature ejaculation

Obama suffers from political premature ejaculation. Political premature ejaculation is when Obama gets all hot and bothered with his trust teleprompter and comes to a conclusion before the facts prove him wrong.

We have seen Obama's embarrassment many times over the last year. Just this past month, Obama used Thanksgiving week to say his policies were working thanks to the low unemployment numbers released the following week. Since then nearly a million more Americans have lost their jobs. We are now watching Obama's political premature ejaculation take place once again on the world stage. Obama has got to learn to keep it in his pants.

Obama rushed to Copenhagen hungry for a deal--any deal in the midst of a climate summit described is divisive and chaotic. He went through the motions with the teleprompter demonstrating once again the magic of their love affair has died--a lackluster speech in front of the world's leaders.

But somehow, Obama claimed he brought the main players together and established a deal. It wasn't the deal Obama wanted, but it was progress. Obama didn't have to come home from the Eastern hemisphere empty handed for the third time in a row (Olympics and Asia trip).

Now we see Obama suffered from premature ejaculation. Obama's mouth orgasmed the words of progress, but today we are finding whatever agreement Obama managed to come away from Copenhagen was weak at its best. (Of course this is good for the United States since the climate agreement Obama wanted would have cost Americans more jobs.)

Now the illusion of unity Obama claims to have created as he read a teleprompter to reporters now appears to be mindless foreplay, another embarrassing spot on Obama's list of failures. The climate alliance is quickly falling apart with disagreement.

South Africa called Obama's progress a non-binding agreement. South Africa considered leaving the meeting. I guess they decided not to make Obama look like he was fumbling towards ecstasy.

“We are not defending this, as I have indicated, for us it is not acceptable, it is definitely not acceptable,” Buyelwa Sonjica from South Africa, a major player in the Obama talks, said.

Obama's next premature ejaculation is scheduled to take place sometime next week when he celebrates the lower unemployment number from what is a three-day week for many US businesses and corporations. He has two of these oops moments scheduled with New Years Day the following week.

Then when the numbers raise significantly again, they will point to the four week average to cover the embarrassing spot. Obama is predictable.

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