Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Nationalisation Not Fatal: Malema

Malema asks why it's worse than apartheid


ANC Youth League president Julius Malema has admitted he was no economist and that his "low low" matric results reflected his highest qualification. But it did not stop him predicting that markets would accept the nationalisation of mining.

Mobilising support for nationalisation at the 16th national congress of the South African Students' Congress in Durban, Malema dismissed the "excuse" that the markets would reject a state-controlled mining industry.

"The markets are not easily scared. They will show signs of reluctance in the beginning, but in time they will come around.

"When Trevor Manuel took over finances, the markets were scared but then [after] a very short time, and I mean a short time, Trevor was the darling of the markets," he said yesterday.

Malema wants foreign investors to be taught politics. "They invest in countries with civil war. If [President Robert] Mugabe was not literally chasing them from Zimbabwe they would have been continuing to mine blood diamonds. So I can't understand why they would be afraid to invest in a country where there is a robust debate over nationalisation.

"You don't get killed in a democratic debate yet they will invest in every country where there is oil, but people are being killed in war every day," he explained.

Delegates applauded when he questioned why Anglo Platinum would be afraid to invest in a stable South Africa: "They were not scared to invest when there was apartheid. They were comfortable with apartheid, yet the country was volatile. They invested when our rights were being violated and we were being killed." (A popular myth, Julius. The country was stable, your people were not dying like they are today. Just read the TRC report. And your rights were being violated? What rights?)

When Malema met representatives of the world's largest platinum miner last year, he told them the gap between rich and poor in South Africa was becoming too great.

"The rich keep getting richer and it is white males (A powerful force. It seems everywhere you turn, the white male is to blame) that continue to own the means of production in the country. Not even Tokyo [Sexwale], who is the minister of human settlements, is an owner. Tokyo is owing the white baas because he wants to borrow from the banks. Who owns the banks? Tokyo is a rich man, but he doesn't own," Malema said.

He said the "faces of colonialism" might have given up political power, but they refused to give the economy to the people.

"You can vote until you are purple in the face, but your vote will be useless unless the doors to the economy are opened for you," he said. (These guys have no ability to deliver, so they hold on to power by creating a perpetual struggle against the white man. Ask Bob)

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Viking said...

your vote is useless? Give it up, then.
Julius is still doos of the week/month/year/decade

Anonymous said...

I watched 3rd Degree. Malema is not stupid as he appears. He just comes across stupid as he only believes what "his" hometown chiefs tell him. Everyone else is wrong. He is stubborn in his ways, trying to reason away things what is in contrary to his believes. Just listen how on 3rd Degree he argued that he is not rich, the whiteman is rich. Even though he drives a 750k car and lives in a mansion of a house, I as a whiteman could only dream to have to have in my wildest fantasy. I have to rent a place as I can't even afford to own a place of my own, bond or no bond.
Just proof, intelligence is not measured by your IQ score.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:24. I am glad you were impressed. I'm afraid I remain unmoved. It is easy to spew provocative Marxist rhetoric. It is quite something else to justify your remarks. Malema is no leader, nor philosopher. He is simply an African warlord in the making, who has a penchant for making up his facts on the fly. Why does he do it? Because he is allowed to. This guy truly belives he is a player, and only because 67 IQ voter adulation has given him a superhuman sense of self.

Viking said...

I have to agree with VI.
Intelligence is not the same as slyness. Just because he has figured out that hate speech gets votes, doesn't mean he can tie his own shoes.
My cat knows the sound of the fridge door, but I don't expect much in the way of political commentary from her yet.

Anonymous said...

You tell him Dr Phil

Exzanian said...

Oi, VI, why'd you change the pic? The first was perfect!

Anonymous said...

ExZ. Sorry, I was caught in a dalema.

Exzanian said...

Ah, much better...

Anonymous said...

Nationalisation is a gateway to more dangerous things .... communism perhaps?

Sakkie de Kok said...

I´ve just got to say, if I was a black (thank you Lord, as he raises his eyes to heaven)I would agree with him wholeheartedly. Power is not all encompassing. Political power doesn´t automatically mean economic power, and if I ran this country I´d want both.
One of the reasons we lost the plot in the first place is because the National Government gave up it´s economic power through privatization.
The only people who benefited were the big multinationals, who backed the demise of the very same white government who let them through the door in the first place.
Malema is not a stupid as many would have us believe, well not if you consider who´s best interests he has at heart. And YT, you better believe it, it ain´t yours. LOL.