Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Motlanthe Talks Some Sense

Motlanthe has a go at Malema.

ANC won't give up on Malema

By Sibusiso Ngalwa, Xolani Mbanjwa and Sibusiso Sgwane

The ANC will not give up on its outspoken youth leader, Julius Malema, until it was convinced that his head proved harder than "cooked stones".

This was according to deputy president Kgalema Motlanthe who told reporters yesterday (TUE) that the ruling party remained convinced that Malema could still be "nurtured" and "moulded".

But Motlanthe warned that if he continued to defy the party, he would be disciplined.

'It is the ANC's responsibility to mould him and make him a better leader'
Motlanthe was reporting back on the ANC's special national executive committee (NEC) meeting, where President Jacob Zuma called for a full report on what happened at the recent SACP congress in Polokwane, where Malema and another NEC member, Billy Masetlha, were booed by delegates, sparking a an ugly public spat.

"To use African expression, if you were to cook stones in one pot and cook this other comrade (Malema) in another pot and the stones (are cooked) first, only then will the ANC give up," Motlanthe said.

"It is the ANC's responsibility to mould him and make him a better leader. If the ANC holds the view that its efforts are futile then it will give up (on Malema).The ANC only abandons the incorrigible," said Motlanthe in reply to question as to why the ruling party continued to tolerate the motor-mouth Malema.

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Motlanthe: Nobody defies the ANC

By Alison Raymond

South Africa's ruling African National Congress threatened on Tuesday to discipline members who continue to stir conflict with its trade union and Communist Party allies, including firebrand youth leader Julius Malema.

Malema, head of the party's Youth League, clashed with South African Communist Party (SACP) members at a party congress over the weekend, sparking concern within the ANC that the alliance is fracturing.

Despite an ANC demand for the war of words to end, Malema renewed the attack on Tuesday. He said the Youth League was ready for "war" with the SACP and accused its members of being "greedy yellow communists" trying to take over the ANC, the party of Nelson Mandela that spearheaded the struggle against white majority rule.

'Nobody defies the ANC and gets away with it'
Kgalema Motlanthe, deputy president of both the ANC and the country, said anyone defying a call for unity from the party's national executive committee - its highest decision-making body - would face sanctions and possibly suspension.

"If anybody disregards this call, there will be consequences, very serious consequences," he said when asked about Malema's remarks. "Nobody defies the ANC and gets away with it."

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Anonymous said...

Usual half-cooked blatherings from the ANC.

Anonymous said...

Encouraging dissent within the ANC is a useful strategy ...

Viking said...

Absolutely, Anon.

We encourage this :)

Anonymous said...

Just how many chances does he need? I spoke once and smacked the second time and my kids turned out just fine.