Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mandela’s tribal kinglet has run mad – An African perspective

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Thembuland. I like the sound of it.

I never quite wrapped my mind around the surreal fact that some African nations tolerate the silly show of “Paramount Chiefs” (Nigeria), “King of Buganda” (Uganda) or the efflorescence of tribal kings and assorted clan potentates in South Africa.

In September, deadly riots erupted in Uganda over the pretenses of King Ronald Mutebi II of the Baganda tribe about his supremacy over the established government of Uganda.

In South Africa, the stupidity of these kinglets is only matched by their profligacy. Their sprawling courts, harems and expensive lifestyle are funded by taxpayers.

Nelson Mandela’s tribal kinglet is called, with a straight face, His Royal Highness King Inkosi Enkhulu Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo.

And to my chagrin, the Mandela family is perpetuating this travesty—the grandson of Mandela, Mandla Mandela, being one of those tribal chieftains enthroned in 2007 :

“Nelson Mandela beamed yesterday [April 16, 2007] as he watched Mandla, his grandson, invested with the royal chieftainship due him by blood and custom but stripped from the Mandela family nine decades ago by South Africa’s British colonial rulers.”

Is Nelson Mandela kidding me?...

Worse still, the man who presided over that goofy crowning ceremony was none other than His Royal Highness King Inkosi Enkhulu Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo: “Mandla Mandela was draped in a lion skin by Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo, 42, king of the Thembu clans and one of the six kings of the Xhosa people, at the ceremony in [a] tiny village in the Transkei.”

One year before this stupid ritual, in 2006, the South African government gave eight BMW X5s to these kinglets and one queen, “costing the taxpayer [about $200,000] a year to lease and run.”

But only “two days after taking delivery of his luxurious car, [King] Dalindyebo drove over a signpost”; and the garage bill for the damaged front wheel and control arms was footed, as expected, by the taxpayers.

This time around, things are far more serious.

Earlier this month, His Royal Highness King Inkosi Enkhulu Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo was sentenced to 15 years in prison for various felonies “including culpable homicide, kidnapping, arson and assault with intent to commit grievous bodily harm.”

Well, while on bail, His Most Angry Royal Highness King Inkosi Enkhulu Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo has taken the following “executive decision” that his lawyer, a jerk called “Votani Majola, convener of The King Dalindyebo Justice Task Team (KDJTT)” issued on December 21 “with five-day deadlines” as the Daily Dispatch reports :

“All charges levelled against the monarch be withdrawn unconditionally and permanently;

That Zuma tender a public apology to the AbaThembu tribe on behalf of the [South African] government for the humiliation that the people and king had been unduly subjected to;

Payment of R900m [about $100m] by the government to the royal family;
Compensation of R80bn [about $10bn] to be paid to the entire AbaThembu nation for the humiliation they suffered.

Should the demands not be met, the discussion document also included several threats:

His Majesty would take an executive decision that the AbaThembu tribe ‘shall withdraw our participation from the 1994 South African government so as to form our own independent state, provisionally named Thembuland.’

The KDJTT would serve ‘the withdrawal aforesaid at the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa in Cape Town

President Jacob Zuma’s office scoffed at this demand as if coming from a prankster.

If Jacob Zuma knows that these kinglets are all jokers, why should he allow the South African taxpayers to continue funding the lavish lifestyles of these buffoons?

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Anonymous said...

If Jacob Zuma knows that these kinglets are all jokers, why should he allow the South African taxpayers to continue funding the lavish lifestyles of these buffoons?

--- Maybe because he is afraid that old Buthelezi will start the same and tribal wars will follow.

Viking said...

wow. Even the Boers don't want compensation - they just want their own space. Sounds like all is not well in the rainbow nation! who'd have thunk it?

Ironfield said...

Death and mayhem are never seen as a good thing, however this “Rainbow Nation’ was a joke from its initial inception and its long past it’s used by date.

Let these “Kings” have their little kingdoms and big egos and bring on the tribal wars. With a little luck they might kill each other off faster then the aids epidemic the whole of Africa faces and ease the way for the whites to have land to call home once again.