Monday, December 07, 2009

Malema demands Nationalisation of Mines (even under civil war conditions)

Wanktard Malema is at it again. He even has a cunning plan this time, but just listen to the havoc spewing from his septic mouth. He should stick to picking his nose. Pot bellied arsehole...I took a liberty on the headline, but read it yourself, this is exactly what this rude kaffir boy is alluding to. Why must people put up with this sh*t?

Gold and platinum mines should be nationalised first as they
were the most profitable, ANCYL president Julius Malema said in
Durban on Monday.

"We must look at profitable minerals as the ones that should be
targeted first. Platinum which is easily found in Rustenburg is
still very easy to mine because it is still very shallow. The same
applies to coal found in Witbank," Malema told the SA Students'
Congress at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban.

Malema said transferring ownership of mines from private hands
to the state should not be seen as a complicated process.

"This is happening in Botswana, where De Beers are in
partnership with the state. The state owns 60 percent of its
minerals and De Beers even pays tax."

The league had recently come under fire for its calls for mines
to be nationalised.

"We are told we are going to scare the markets if we continue
talking about this issue. If the markets want something they will
stay. Markets continue to go to countries where there are civil

One of the reasons the league wanted to nationalise mines was to
reduce income inequalities.

"The gap between rich and poor is very big. White males continue
to be rich. The issue needs to be addressed."

He conceded he was not an economist and was uneducated. He only
had a matric with very poor marks. What he did know, he said, was
that the state must have a controlling stake in the mining

Speaking on the importance of education in South Africa, he said
it was the best gift to give to a nation. As long as people
continued to remain uneducated they stayed dependent on the state.

"If you don't have economic freedom you have nothing."

He criticised media reports about President Jacob Zuma that
questioned his appointment of Menzi Simelane as National Director
of Public Prosecutions.

"Every moment they [the media] get they use it to discredit
Zuma. Every time Zuma appoints someone with a weakness they use it
against him."

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Lamotu said...

"Markets continue to go to countries where there are civil

Did anyone else pick up on this? is this where this mamparra and his cohort of smelly zots are deliberately planning to take SA?

out of the mouthes of babes, even evil little fuckers like malema....

Viking said...

Like those platinum mines, Malema too is very shallow.

However, citing Botswana's state of affairs, is without doubt - and staggeringly - the ONLY smart thing EVER to come out of Julius' cakehole.

..... and he manages to blow that.
Botswana does NOT have NATIONALISED mines, but rather a public-private partnership with which both sides are very happy.

His remark about markets going to countries with 'civil wars' should motivate him to want to make them stay in SA.

But there's more!
"If you don't have economic freedom you have nothing."

Has Julius actually managed to read a book or something since he last opened his mouth?

Seems he misunderstands even that basic concept too. How sad.

Anonymous said...

He has modified his speech somewhat. Before it was 100% state ownership, until Cronen helped him out and pointed out to him that it will never work, as the state does not have the expertise of do the mining themselves.

This is where the 60/40% split comes in. The blacks get the majority of profit, whilst the whites do the actual work.

Perhaps someone should inform the big platinum companies of the intentions of this little tick.

Perhaps they can throw in their weight behind the creation of a white homeland in the NW. Especially considering what they stand to lose.

Sakkie de Kok said...

I´m 100% with Malema on this one. I would like to see the mines nationalised. Why not? It would take them out of the hands of the super capitalists who would then want revenge. They would, like they always do, start dividing the different factions in SA to get their own back, and before you could say, "the holocaust is a hoax", the two main tribes in SA would be battling it out for supremacy.
This is exactly what WT needs in order to stake a claim to an independent homeland within what will become a fragmented South Africa.
This is going to happen sooner or later. It would be in our best interests if it happened sooner, so go for it Jules old boy. Demand the nationalisation of all mining assets in SA. You know it´s the right thing to do. We back you all the way old son.

Anonymous said...

Melema is a communist punk - someone should execute this kaffir!

Anonymous said...

Love to see these uncrowned beasts of the field nationalise the mines , the banks and the cartels.
And the khazar zionists will round up the stooopid pommies to come fight and take it back. Just like it was in 1899 - 1903. He who ignores history, is destined to relive it.

Anonymous said...

the whites are the recist but in this time we will fight racism by a racism
we will fight u guys physical
foward nationalisation of mines to advance the national demodratic revolution Amandla

meketsi said...

u can say anything that u want say but now the power is ours . who are u whites to talk u are not south african or africans so shout your fucken big lips
nationalisaton will happen

Islandshark said...

Hey meketsi, voertsek back to your hut man!

Viking said...

good luck to you meketsi.

History says it won't work out and you'll be starving in 15 years. Don't come looking to me for a handout when you are, the world's patience is wearing thin.

Anonymous said...

The quicker JM stuffs it all, the sooner we can return and recolonise old Africa and make it ours again for 300 years. Come on ANCJL with your middle aged racist leadership, get on with it. The youth part of ANCJL refers to the mind set.
I love to see JM and his antics. Whats next boy, join the men in the real world.
The ANC has nationalised everything by imposing AA. the net result is demise.
VIVA change VIVA