Monday, December 07, 2009

Let's Put Our Futility In Perspective

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Viking said...

Have you got one for human brain vs. Julius' ?

Anonymous said...

134340 Pluto is only of interest to astrologers since it's been reclassified as a minor planet.

Anonymous said...

Those red supergiants are huge!

I read an article that stated that if Betelguese were to be placed in our solar system where the sun is, it's surface would reach out to the orbit of Jupiter.

Pluto was reclassified because astronomers have found so many planets like this in our solar system, out at far distances, that the number of solar system planets is hard to determine. For me, however, it will always be the 9th planet.

Exzanian said...

WOW, great perspective, all those larger stars are burning very fiercely and will exhaust their nuclear fuel in a comparative eye blink compared to our lazy sun. All are destined for Supernovae and will becomes black hole singularities. There are 400,000,000,000 stars in our galaxy alone, and probably another 400,000,000,000 galxies in the observable universe! There may be an infinite number of universes in the multiverse. It is all so much Grander, Mysterious and awe inspring than a dreary old god bloke that forgives sin, dies for you, walks on water, brings maggot infested corpses back to life (including his own fleshly incarnation) and generally mucks around with human affairs, no?