Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I Guess I'm a Racist


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Anonymous said...

I say that Hussein Obama is a kaffir - does that mean I'm a racist?

Anonymous said...

The way I see it is that the whites let the animals out the Zoo (ANC) in 1994 to walk the streets unrestrained and now we have lawlessness, corruption, limited moral fiber and barberic traditions , I'm probably a racist now more than I used to be.

Anonymous said...

Racism is is in direct to the degree of contact one has with the savage beast.
More contact = more racist.
Less contact = less racist.
No contact = non racist
White South African = megga racist.
White Icelander = non racist.

Everything is relative.

Sakkie de Kok said...

I must say, I´ve become a regular reader of this blog. The articles are excellent.
I also read MYSAS which, in my opinion, isn´t quite up to the same standard as this blog. However, I have noticed it has a far bigger readership. It´s not uncommon to have 50+ comments, while the comments section on here is limited to a few diehards, mostly contributors.
Why is that? What are you doing wrong? I can´t work it out.

Anonymous said...

@Sakkie de Kok

Its called the silent majority.

@Anon 1:58

Who let the wogs out... woof woof. The liberal scum.

Viking said...


Thankyou for the kind words re:the blog, and for your support. There are no easy answers to that question, except to say that we and MYSAS represent very different approaches to similar problems. We have more contributors, but we all began as readers, and I personally would hate to see it become the preserve of a small few, or that impression to be given.

Doberman, who began the site, always intended this to be a 'community blog' for both ex-pats and those living in SA to share stories and opinions on life in SA and related issues abroad and in that respect it has been very successful.

I would like to see a wider readership, but we would rather I think worry about staying relevant and useful to our current readership, which is far from small.

Leifur said...

Thanks for the acknowledgement, here is an article that may be of interest, posting this comment is optional:


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Viking said...

hi Leifur

we posted that story a few days ago bud :


Exzanian said...

Great vid. Makes you think. Multiply by one million and you will have an inkling of how difficult it is to criticise the ANC. Hell, even blacks who speak out against the ANC are called racists! ANC is the ultimate black nationalist, black supremicist party currently in the entire WORLD! God I hate the ANC with every fibre in my being...