Friday, December 18, 2009

The Forgotten Heroes

I stumbled over an email posting in News24 (Beeld) that made me sit back and reflect on the times I myself did border duty.

The posting refers to an article that originally was published in a Namibian newspaper.

I am of the same generation.

I am translating the posting to English, because I believe a wider audience needs to see how there is an absolute disregard for the white South Africans that fought in wars, and the absolute disdain for their pain and suffering.

And believe me, there was a lot of pain and suffering.

The below is the translated version, and any errors will be mine, made in the translation, with an attempt to capture the emotion of the posting.

by Dawid Ferreira wrote by e-mail:
2009-12-16 20:47

My brother was the so-called Great Boer referred to in the article "Friends after more than 31 years" in Beeld December 15, 2009 in which Johan van der Mescht met the Swapo member who caught him.

My brother's name was Johan Lemmer Caparus Ferreira. And yes, he was a Great Afrikaans Boerseun!

I want to express my dismay on the matter strongly, and in very clear terms.

Firstly, Johan van der Mescht was never given a mandate by any person who was involved in the situation to "make peace" with the murderers of my brother!

While Danger Ashipilla, the "hero" in their story, referred to my brother as the "Great Boer" I'll definitely refer to him as "the terrorist-killer." They had my brother, who was supposed to be a prisoner of war, murdered in the cruelest way imaginable, by shooting him from head to toe, on automatic, with an AK47, and then stabbing him 42 times with a bayonet!

It is striking in the article that Danger Ashipilla has no guilt whatsoever, nor does apologize for the incident!

Why then shake hands? It strongly resembles the farm murders of the last 15 years. The word "vryheidsvegters (freedom fighters)" comes to mind.

Ashipilla and his band of terrorists, attacked, orchestrated from, and hid in Angola; a neighbouring country.

I thank God that my mother and my father are no longer alive to witness this.

The R14 000 that was paid to my parents as "compensation", will never compensate for me losing my buddy, or my brother, for losing his life.

I feel now, after 31 years, the urge to curse and swear at someone - those who call themselves “vryheidsvegters (freedom fighters)" and o yes: PW Botha, FW de Klerk and Roelf Meyer as well!

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