Thursday, December 24, 2009

For how long will they survive?

This morning, I read the story of the Meintjes family that has survived a farm attack, and I thought, at last, maybe a good news story.

It is in the Kameeldrift area.

However, when I Google Louis Meintjes and Boekenhoutskloof, I found that there are way more to this story.

There are, as far back as 21 June, 2004, publications of farm attacks in the Boekenhoutskloof area, where Louis Meintjes are mentioned.

And there is one very specific article in the Washington Times that tells a horrific story of the farm attacks in the area.

You can read the article here.

So a few thoughts.

The international media has reported on the farm attacks as far back as 2004. THAT IS FIVE YEARS AGO! And since then, the crime has obviously not improved in this area. Quite the opposite.

Spare a thought for the people of the area, and the Meintjes family. I cannot for one moment put myself in their shoes. Imagine going to bed with a mobile radio, a firearm under the pillow, and the mental strength and alertness to react when you are in danger.

And again a story only reported in Afrikaans. Why can the international media report on these crimes five years ago, but today these crimes are censored by only reporting it in one of the local languages?

A translation of the original article.

Farm attack: "I must shoot to live"
2009-12-24 03:54

"I have to shoot to survive”.

"We have not another choice."

So said.Louis Meintjes, president of TAU SA yesterday. On monday night he responded with three shots when a robber shot at him in his house in Boekenhoutskloof in the Cullinan area.

Meintjes and his wife, Erika, woke up around 23:15 that night, from a load bang. The noise was from the dining room window being broken by the robbers with a stone.

He stood in his bedroom door, peeked down the hallway, and saw two men standing in the lounge.

Meintjes said "I gave the mobile radio for my wife, sent her bathroom and said she should call the community."

"When she called on the radio, they (the robbers) heard and fired one shot.

"When he shot, I responded. I did not wonder whether I should shoot or not. I shot back”.

"The reality is, he shot first. There are many instances where the robbers can restrain people and take what they want, but they do not.

"They shoot.

“I had to shoot; otherwise I would not have survived."

Meintjes suspect one of his three shots, had hit one of the robbers, because blood was found on the pavement outside the dining room window.

The two robbers, and another who allegedly hid in the garden and had shot at Meintjes, had fled

Police and community members were within minutes on the scene, and they tried to pick up the robbers' trail, to no avail.

Ms. Meintjes said although there are several crime activities such as theft, home invasions and house robberies in this environment, she refuses to be intimidated by the criminals.

"I pray every day for our safety. There are hundreds of people who every day is asking God to preserve and protect us.

"If it was not Him, we would not have survived the attack”

3 Opinion(s):

Sakkie de Kok said...

I really would like to point out to this poor unfortunate woman, that the real reason she wasn´t hurt had nothing to do with god, but rather the fact her husband owned a gun.
Don´t let the guvamunt disarm you folks. You owe it to yourselves to make sure you can protect yourself as well as your loved ones when these pieces of scum invade the privacy of your home.
The only thing this man did wrong was wait for them to shoot at him first. Just blow them away. Finished and Klar.

Anonymous said...

It is great news to hear that the citizens are shooting back at these savage kaffirs!


Pray if you like ( for good aim ) but be ready to distribute lead.