Sunday, December 20, 2009

Feminism Gone Mad: Islamic "Honour Killings" are "Just Murder"

So you thought "Honour Killings" were a result of Islamic beliefs? wrong! According to feminist journo Laurie Penny, it's just another way for us men to brutalise our women, nothing whatsoever to do with the medieval beliefs practised by many of our culturally-enriching migrants.

"The term 'honour killing' is sexist, xenophobic and crashingly unhelpful to everyone working to end domestic violence against women everywhere." She says.

Pictured is Tulay Goren (15), murdered by her father Mehmet over a relationship he disapproved of. The "sexist, xenophobic" court sentenced him to a lenient life sentence for a murder which was not in any way mitigated by the religion of the offender. True justice, one might say.

But not for Penny, for whom Honour Killing, like that of Tulay, is just normal male behaviour, not that of an adherent of a certain desert religion.
"Social, sexual and religious excuses for violence against women have been deployed for centuries, in every single patriarchal culture."

Why, yes they have. And so have those excuses been in no uncertain terms been used to justify violence against other men, too.

"There is nothing 'exotic' or 'honourable' about femicides that occur within Asian families"

No there isn't, we use the term "honour killing" with plenty of irony and inverted commas.

"Murder is murder is murder" may be a true statement, but there is a qualitative difference between perpetuating a culture that encourages 'honour killings' and one, like ours in the West, that punishes them severely. And we have done, in this case. Violence against women is an issue in Western countries, but unlike in Islamic ones, we actually try to stop it.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I don't want to resort to blame shifting, but didn't things change to allow all this soft approach due to emancipation?

I will say it outright, women are less black and white decision makers than men ( Ag shame syndrome), and all this stuff like allowing the snake (muslims) into our midst I would place squarely at their feet.

Anonymous said...

I am a female and I tend to side with anon. Since women got the vote all this happy-clappy feel good crap has been voted in - due mainly to the women's vote. Apparently, most women voted for Obama cause he looked nice! But, not sure how to fix it cause I'm a thinking woman so what's the answer? I don't want my vote taken away just because of those too stupid to think.

FishEagle said...

Anon 4.41. There is an answer. Replace a democracy with Plato's meritocracy.

Dachshund said...

I don't know where all these "Anonymouses" are coming from with their "Women are liberal sluts" crap. Women can't afford to stuff up, they sit with the consequences. Men can screw around and it doesn't affect them nearly as much.