Sunday, December 06, 2009

Eskom gives a brother a hard time

And the brother gives an earful back!

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Anonymous said...

Very funny. Actually, the Cape coloureds have more chance of an uprising than the right wing. You need to take them seriously.

Exzanian said...

VI - I was talking with my sister yesterday, who has been living in Calgary for quite a few years now. She says the "Indian" locals remind her very much of the Capies or Bergies. Many of them are without front teeth and homeless. Of course, DO NOT introduce them to alcohol. Very much the same. It also reminded me of the Aborigines in OZ. Same kind of malaise affects them. Unable to cope with modernisation?

Anonymous said...


Eskon has the power to f**k things up!

Anonymous said...


The coloureds are very easy to stir into a hostile force. You are correct - all that is needed now is a "Kleurling Mag" en dan is die Kaap Hollands.