Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dennis Mangan on South Africa

Ref: Mangan's: Adventures in Reaction.

The first post on Boer genocide attracted some interesting comments, which are worth taking note of. Americans, it seems, are not unconcerned with the plight of South Africans.

From one commentator:
The silence is sickening, like most of the violence of Africa makes me sick. I understand why our colonial ancesters believed they had a mission to civilize.

Today, Mangan posted again on the subject, titling his post "No Moral Right to Object to Their Fate". He cites Breyten Breytenbach who writes:

This “disadvantage” – impoverishment and lack of service delivery – has now made the country hostage to crime and ethnic populism. And everyday reality makes it increasingly clear that it is expected of Afrikaners to transfer their skills, farms, schools, banking cards, shares, cell phones, arms, liquor, and gardening tools, quietly, in guilt, before they themselves disappear from Africa and history, and that they have no moral right to object to their fate.

Have a read and leave a comment at Mangan's, people.

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Exzanian said...

The Breytenbach article itself is excellent: Further quote "After the initial transitional phase of cohesiveness it quickly became clear that the One Nation as a promised land would be directed by hegemonic Black Nationalism and a deep desire to excise the past and rewrite history. In practice, the ruling party’s demand that “it is now our time, it is our turn to eat” – which manipulates nationalism based on skin colour as the last refuge of the scoundrel and a way to excise the past – means the ruthless enrichment of deployed cadres to the disadvantage of the remainder of the population".

Anonymous said...

Breyten Breytenbach is an ex "Albino terrorist" as he calls himself. He spent time in prison after his buddies in the ANC betrayed him and exposed him for his anti Apartheid activities. His brother Jan Breytenbach founded the SA special forces.

Now today he has eventually come arround. It takes a long time, but eventually all Liberals will see the light. Liberals always come over to our side. Never the other way arround.

Anonymous said...

Reality is the great cure for liberlism.