Sunday, December 06, 2009

Debora Patta versus Julius Malema

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Anonymous said...

We are all fucked.
Black and white, we are all fucked.

Anonymous said...

Irritating, but not stupid.

Pensioner said...

As I started watching the video, my wife told me that the show was being re-broadcast this morning. I watched the show and I must say again that this julius Dilemma is one dude that we should be very worried about, he may come across as an asshole, (which he is) but he is very powerful and is definetly being groomed by the anc for high office in the party and ultimately in government (let us hope that the idiots will have totally screwed themselves out of power before that happens).

Anonymous said...

They are clearly placing him high. I would say after the next election he will be president of the country.

The NWO want us to embrace what they have to offer as having to live with this scum will make everyone desperate enough to take anything else.

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