Wednesday, December 16, 2009

de Lille's Idea of "Reconciliation"

Not to be outdone by JZ (see previous post here), ID leader Patricia de Lille manages to alienate South Africa's whites even further.

Sorry, PdL, have we not been bending over far enough?

hat tip: Cape Independence Movement

Whites urged to seek forgiveness

Cape Town - The Day of Reconciliation on Wednesday should be used to remember the many people who gave their lives for the freedom of the country, Independent Democrats (ID) leader Patricia de Lille said on Tuesday.

"We are a traumatised nation and we are still in need of a tangible and practical definition for reconciliation and exactly who must reconcile with whom," she said.

"Our current definition is extremely one-sided because there is a call on blacks to forgive whites for what happened in the past, but there is not a call on whites to reach out and seek forgiveness.

"We need strong leadership, where leaders in politics, the church, business and leaders of all other persuasions need to encourage this process on a daily basis - one day of the year is not enough because reconciliation is not an event, it is a process."

The end goal of this process was to achieve a united, peaceful nation and there would never be peace without justice.

"And justice means regaining our dignity and self-worth," De Lille said.


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conrad said...

So will the Whites also get an apology for all the whites that have been killed in the name of freedom or is it okay for one side to say that they are sorry. I just want to know why must the Whites always say that they are sorry and the rest of the color spectrum do not have to apologize for any thing that they have done.

Anonymous said...

WHITES NEED NO FORGIVENESS FROM NON-WHITES any where in the world!! It's the murdering, bullying, destroying NON-WHITES who need to REPENT. Then Whites can consider whether or not to forgive them!!


Anonymous said...

Reconciliation is not needed when you have a gun.

An AK47 is just right, but so too is a 12G shotgun.

Dachshund said...

Whites became traumatised when the ANC came into power. Before that, whites were relatively exempt from the trauma that blacks inflict on themselves and each other.

I owe no black person anything at all.

Sakkie de Kok said...

I agree with hottnot P. de Lille.
On this day of reconciliation, I would like to unreservedly apologise to the blacks of this land.
I would like to say I´m sorry for apartheid and the things apartheid did, like providing you with a job when we all know you never wanted to work, and for building schools you were forced to burn down. I´m sorry for imposing white medicine and white man´s hospitals on you when all you really wanted to do was visit your local sangoma.
I´m sorry for the white man interfering in your lives by teaching you how to read and write, and for transferring your own languages into writing, when all along we should have realised you had no desire to tire your brains out with all this sort of crap.
Please forgive us for giving you the white man´s inventions like radio, TV, your PC, clothes, shoes and all the other things that make your lives so miserable. And if you want to travel, then we also apologise for developing the train, the plane and the car, as well as the fine roads we built, when we should have known all along you would have preferred to walk bare foot across the veld to your destination.
Yes I would like to apologise for all these things. But most of all, I want to beg your forgiveness for treating you as a fellow human being, when you prove to me daily what a terrible mistake this was.
We really should have left you in peace, in your mud huts and your ignorance, and had nothing to do with you when we came to SA, after all 60% of the country was still empty and that should have been enough for just us white folk.
But no, we thought we´d be humanitarians and look at the shit we caused everyone.

HP said...

V*k jou klonkie en jou flat nose boeties!!
Ek het nou genoeg gehaat van al
die bull sh!t, ek dink regtig
die tyd het nou gekom dat ons(witmense)ons
"ossewans" weer in n sirkel trek
so dat ons nou die score vir eens en vir altyd met julle settle.!?

@ Sakkie
Well said my friend
Couldn't AGREE more

These houtkoppe can all kiss my white a$$!!

FishEagle said...

Well I had a good snooze today and that's about all. No room for any thoughts about reconcilliation AT ALL!

Anonymous said...

My apology only comes in the form of lead.

They can have that if they really want it...

Anonymous said...

Firstly, it is THE DAY OF THE VOW/COVENANT not some other kak holiday.

This is a Boer holiday, not some jungle bunny holiday. My forefathers, who were in the wagons at the Ncome River, made a vow before God to do certain things should they be victorious against the Zulu impis. Whether I think that it was due to superior tactics and weapons or the "hand of God" is immaterial. A promise was made, for all generations to preserve, and to tell the succeeding generations what happened there.

You can reconcile my Mauser PdL!!!