Sunday, December 06, 2009

Daughter's terror as father, 67, shot dead

This article tweaked my interest because the victim was black. I have often questioned whether blacks have been subjected to the same senseless murdering whims of the thugs that have terrorized the wealthier white population in South Africa.

By Vuyo Mabandla

Gunmen conned their way into the home of a man and shot him in his bedroom.

Nyanga police Captain Ntomboxolo Sitshitshi said two men had followed Zilindile Madolwana, 67, from an ATM to his home in the Zwelitsha section just before 4pm on Friday.

"There, the suspects entered through the front door to find his daughter, Mandy Madolwana," said Sitshitshi. The family lives in a block of flats in Nyanga .

The front door was unlocked and the men asked Mandy, 19, to let her father know "he has visitors". She said she suspected nothing and called her father.

"They looked pretty normal to me," she said yesterday.

"But then as I went to call my dad, the men hurried up behind me. They reached my mom and dad's room, and they had a gun."

Warning her not to make a sound, the pair then walked into her father's room, shutting the door.

"There were no sounds of arguments or struggling, just a single gunshot. I was so scared I couldn't make a sound so I just ran into my room. After a while I came out and saw my dad stumble towards the door - all bloody."

The suspects then fled.

Neighbours immediately called an ambulance and the father of four was taken to KTC hospital where he died of his wound.

Madolwana's wife, Nomzi, said: "This is a hard-hitting tragedy that has completely wrenched our hearts. We have lost a precious soul in this house. We already feel lonely."

Police attribute the high crime rate in the area to the 461 shebeens operating in the area.

Sitshitshi said the suspects were still at large and an investigation is under way.

2 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

Reads like an assassination to me.

Anonymous said...

They follow an elderly man home from an ATM and kill him for shebeen money. They don't have to break into a black man's house, they just knock on the door and pretend they are visitors. Now that they know where his family lives they'll be back for more, and there's nothing the police can or will do.