Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Conversations on Race from Canada

And this week the liberal loo-la award goes to .....

I know, I know, it's just a left-wing internet forum, with no more moral authority than a wombat. But I post this because these views are widely held, and this comment from Canadian forum Rabble encapsulates the mood of white-guilt-laden, self-loathing liberals. Bear in mind when you read the first sentence that Babble is very left-leaning space.

"babble is a white supremacist space (please look this term up, it's not all about nazis) that is part of a white supremacist society. the moderators are barely able to keep overt racist remarks out of the "anti-racist" forum. dealing with racism generally is a constant struggle. i, like all white people in canada, am racist and need to constantly be checking my head to see how the things that i say and do (or don't say and don't do) support that racism. the fact that i feel comfortable responding to your OP is part of the priviledge that i receive in a white supremacist, racist society. the way that other babblers listen to my posts (or dont), everything. we are litterally swimming in it so the second that we stop taking it for granted on something as free and chaotic as an online message board means that we have retired from an anti-racist struggle.

He continues,

kind of unclear in how i worded it. the priviledge that comes with being white in a white supremacist society makes someone who is white by default an instrument of racism. i think that being racist is as much about what you don't do as what you do do. i think that you can do or not do something unconsciously too. so i am unconsciously racist purley because of the fact that i am white and raised in a white supremacist society. i even find myself being consciously racist when i, for instance, do not speak out about a family member's racist comments at a christmas party because to do so would bring on a shit load of uncomfort for me - that's the priviledge of choice that also accompanies my whiteness. there are many posts in this forum that can do a much better job at explaining than i can.

so in terms of the OP, because babble is dominated by white people and a product of a white supremacist society we can expect babble to be racist. we need to accept this and look for ways of challenging that, which i think that a lot of people (including the mods) do all the time."


2 Opinion(s):

Max said...

Send him a piece of rope with a noose on the end the only hope this poor bastard has left.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the systematic brainwashing that had to happen to engineer this sort of a self-hatred?

It is hard to know how sincerely these attitudes are felt, but you do hear and read only slightly muted versions very often. I suspect (and hope) it is mainly for show, but there is no doubt there is a strong and endless supply of suckers out there.