Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Conservative Blog Vanishes

Immediately following a reasonable and, more importantly, critical article on climate change was posted at Dennis Mangan's excellent blog, the entire blog has been removed without explanation.

This may be a coincidence and if the issue is resolved I will remove this post.

Otherwise this may reflect a worrying trend.

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Anonymous said...

"Otherwise this may reflect a worrying trend."

Cencorship, sign of the future.
In the past people were dumb and believed what the establishment wanted them to belief, through their control over the mass media.

The internet has mounted a serious challenge to their control of the information.

We have seen that the elites will physically bend the rules of science to further their agenda. The best example of this is the "race is a social contruct" drive, as multiculturalism is a method at easing the creation a global empire. If nationalism is dead, it will be easier.

Today through the science of genetics we know that the race is real and that society is a racial construct.

The bending of the truth however does not stop there.

Lies, Censorship, Manipulation etc. are the rules of the game played by the elites.

FishEagle said...

Hang on, one incident does not make a trend. Huh?

Anonymous said...

Question is --- are you next? There has been a concerted effort to remove blogs and websites that highlight crime in SA. If you have not heard yet - 80% of the tickets to the World Cup have not been sold as yet.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: Relax and enjoy your paranoia. No ILSA bloggers are going to have 28 policemen with a search warrant kicking down our door anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Do not be too sure of yourself. The Australian HRC takes a dim view of blogs like this.
And the Canadians are peecee.

Anonymous said...

he just moved

Viking said...

If he just moved, where to?
He posted that very day, indicating he did not intend to move, else he would have mentioned it.
It's not the first incident, blogs are being shut down by Google all the time, the venerable Irish Savant has had a "warning" slapped on his of late which he says has cut his traffic substantially.
There was nothing offensive about Mangan's blog, incidentally, so its removal by Google is a mystery.