Sunday, December 27, 2009

Community Cohesion and Islam: Can They Be Reconciled With Free Speech?

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I was reflecting on some of my topics this past year, and I must say that free speech remains at the core. It still annoys me when I recall an incident where some guests felt that free speech should be curtailed, and that if I couldn't moderate myself then they would "turn their backs." In other words, I would be rejected because I work against "community cohesion".

It is in light of this, and my vociferous defence of the right to free speech, that I post the following video.


2 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

Good post VI - It's very frustrating to sit here in Oz and watch how the once mighty western civilisations are slowly being eroded away by PC freaks who promote and support the take-over by islam and communists using the trojan horses of "community cohesion" and "climate change". When is someone with some morals and a pair of cojones going to stand up and fight the good fight (apart from the vilified Geert Wilders and the BNP)? Anyone?

Viking said...

Quite a few, Anon.!

Every European country now has its warriors, from the True Finns, the Danish People's Party, UKIP, the BNP, Jobbik, just to name a few. Things are looking up, actually.