Sunday, December 20, 2009

Climate Change "Wreaking Havoc" in SA, says Zuma

Fresh from helping China stuff up the climate deal in Denmark (kudos for that), South Africa has emerged as part of a developing-developed countries bloc with new best friends China, India and Brazil.

The UK's Guardian has this to say:

South Africa may have been one of the five countries to broker the Copenhagen accord, but there was little enthusiasm for the deal back home. "The Hopelesshagen Flop" was the front-page headline in the Sunday Independent, and opposition politicians and environmental activists were critical.

Jacob Zuma had talked on Friday about how climate change was already "wreaking havoc on the lives of our people [in coastal provinces of South Africa]". He called for ambitious cuts in rich country emissions, and said poorer countries emissions should be permitted to increase – a position shared by the G77 developing countries. But the Sunday Independent said Zuma subsequently aligned himself with "Obama's deal", which it described as "no deal at all for those who are going to be worst affected by the devastating effects of climate change".

I think JZ was confused. Surely it's the ANC that is "wreaking havoc with the lives of our people"?

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Anonymous said...

Hell, that makes so much sense. Let's all ignore the pollution by the "developing" countries like China and India and hammer the rich countries with taxes. That's going to solve this issue...NOT. How stupid can you get?? In any case, climate change is a farce, but pollution isn't. How about each country taxing and using that money WITHIN their own country to sort out this issue? That would get my vote instead of this blatant stealing from the "rich" they want to implement. Die mense word wakker...

NewsGuy said...

Surely it's the ANC that is "wreaking havoc with the lives of our people"?

Maybe it's the people themselves....

Anonymous said...

Typical blacks - they want money.

The ANC is causing climate change, with all the hot air they release each time they promise everyone the world. One day we will have government change too.

Anonymous said...

Exactly my thoughts, about who and what is wreaking havoc.

Typical for zot Zuma to jump on the bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

Niggers sure do hate white folks.. but they love green. As long as white folks are stupid enough to give their money away, niggers will be there with their hands stretched out begging for more. Wake up whitey and use your money for your own kind. There are plenty of deserving white people that can use the help.

Canada Guy said...

I think the racist comment above with the N-word should be rejected, there is no call for that type of language.

So long as some third world countries are willing to go along with the West, either through threats or bribes, the problem can not be solved. Only if third world countries stand together do they have a chance to pressure the West to reduce emissions. Perhaps it is time for a revival of Pan-Africanism.

Viking said...

@Canada Guy

I actually agree with you, although it was me who let it through - but isn't your blog called "Self Destructive Bastards"??!

Fact is, so-called "racist" language has been a topic on forums like these before, and it's an emotive one.

Many people who are victims of horrific crimes in SA read in their daily newspapers about people being prosecuted for using words like kaffir, while the perpetrators of actual crimes go free.

which is more heinous?

On the one hand, I would rather IluvSA be child-friendly, but on the other, many people use the anonymity of the internet to vent frustrations that they legally CANnot in their own country.

How can we say "none of that nasty language, chaps!" while people are being murdered, tortured and raped for the crime of being white?

One of our regular readers and good friends was prosecuted for calling someone a kaffir - BY SMS! I was in court to witness proceedings, she was convicted.

Here's a link to one of the debates:

I hope I have laid out some of the reasons for allowing such comments through.

Personally, I am not going to censor anyone - but I would rather people use ****. But I am not South African.

Anonymous said...

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