Monday, December 21, 2009

Cliff Shouldn't Apologise, Say Random People

Gareth Cliff is an acquired taste, a radio dj best known for his efforts to be controversial, while at the same time saying things everyone agrees with.

IOL carried out a survey among its readers, as to their opinions on his anti-Manto outbursts and Tweets:

By Ainsley Daniels

Shock jock Gareth Cliff infuriated some people with comments he made about the late former health minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang on a social networking site.

IOL asked its readers: Should Gareth Cliff apologise for his Manto comments?

Of the 1 399 people who participated in the 70 percent (986 votes) said "No" and 30 percent (413 votes) said "Yes"

Here's a selection of reader comments:

Julius: Clift is a little man trying very hard to make an impresion in this world. Already his previous comments have alienated and disgusted many right thinking people in this country. Yet another example now. Personally, and several others i know, will not tune in to this radio station again

TG: As a private citizen he is entitled to his own opinion. His tweet reflects the feelings of many South Africans, and some deservedly so. He did not do this during on air, during his job. As such, and because he has no particular political affiliation, he does not need to be so politically correct. This PC attitude disguises the real problems facing this country, and Cliff is on of the few people who calls a spade a space. So good on Gareth, I support you!

J: He didn't say what he said on the radio, he said it in his personal capacity. How would everyone else like it if they were made to apologise for offending people with comments made on twitter? Besides, you can only see what people say on twitter if u go and look for it. People must get over themselves.

Ants: He has the right to his own opinion in the same way as Malema. So if Gareth has to apologise for being distasteful and insulting a person or group, then so must Malema apologise to all the people he has insulted. Regardless, if you don't like the comment, don't invite him to your party ! Tough !

Dignity and respect:
while mr cliff has the right to freedom of expression Manto has the right to be buried with dignity and respect it just one of those things you have to make you judgement and the question is who has the right to judge the DEAD, MR CLIFF WOULD THAT MAKE YOU THE ALMIGHT AND WHAT YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE THE ALMIGHT because of YOUR RIGHT OF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. YOU DECIDE

SO THE GUY MUCKED UP! he should probably apologise to the family for being a little insensitive. However, in general, Gareth has pretty interesting opinons and the BALLS to say the things alot of us common folk are thinking and questioning. TO ERR IS HUMAN but to get rid of him is dumb. Bordering on limiting freedom of speech! We should be focusing our attention on REAL issues in South Africa like - why are the fat cats still getting bonuses? What is being done about poverty and unemployment? Who is holding our government responsible for poor performance? Who is holding Julius responsible for causing racial divide? Why is the tax payer and consumer working his butt off and getting ripped off for bad quality, bad service and bad attitude in every nook and cranny in this country? What is the private sector doing to help erradicate poverty? The government should be busy setting the right structure and right example as the leaders of this country and inspiring us not demoralising and dissapointing us. AT LEAST GARETH CLIFF has the gutts to say it how it is. Even if he is sometimes a little tactless and insensitive.

Cynical Scientist:
While I doubt I would have been quite as vitriolic as Cliff, this suddenly having to not say anything bad about somebody because they are now dead is just...dumb. Yes I do feel sorry for her family witnessing the distain for her, but it was Manto's own doing. Hopefully this will serve as a lesson: If we want to be remembered favourably, do a good job.

NO i dont think he should, Garth is not one of my fav ppl the world but what happened to freedom of speech!!!!!!!!??????? Waht about Julius he can say what he wants and never has to apologise for what he says!

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