Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Cellphone thief gets free airtime plus 15 minutes of fame

The wife was lucky nothing happened to her. For all we know the thief could have been a "legit" meter reader, so don't let meter readers onto your property.

You are not obliged to let meter readers onto your property in any case. You can make an arrangement with your municipality to phone in your meter reading every month. You need to go in with your ID and proof of ownership or lease to be registered for the DIY option.

Meter reading audits are done approx. every 6 months. Make sure that this is done by appointment and with additional security measures in pace.

Getting rid of most of the meter readers would logically result in lower water and light tariffs, but don't look forward to that in ANC ruled South Africa.


An MTN subscriber is seething after the cellphone operator delayed blacklisting his stolen phone for four days, allowing the thief to abuse callers and threaten to rape his wife.

Johannesburg resident Jason Norwood-Young told The Times he reported the phone stolen to police on November 26, but the thief was still using it three days later.

He wrote an open letter to the company, signed, "sincerely disgusted", accusing it of perpetuating crime by rewarding criminals and punishing its clients.

MTN spokesperson Br
idget Bhengu said: "We could not suspend service on the phone due to a system error." (A system error that lasted three days?? Pull the other one.)

Norwood-Young said when he called the phone on the day it
was stolen, the thief, who had pretended to be a meter reader to gain access to Norwood-Young's Orange Grove home, claimed he was still at the house and threatened to rape Norwood-Young's wife.

"The thief kept the phone on and when you called it either went to voicemail or he would answer occasionally, verbally abusing my callers," he said.

Bhengu said: "We will reimburse the client for the calls made from when the phone was reported stolen to when it was successfully suspended."

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Anonymous said...

If you are an expat - tell me today if you find any reward in having to deal with SA companies form abroad.

I sure and shit dont. Everything has become so backward and they never get around to doing anything.

Viking said...

Try cancelling your TV licence!

Still having trouble with sabc... useless b*stards

Dachshund said...

I've changed this post slightly. You can get yourself registered to phone in your meter readings to the municipality.

Viking, I've been through the same thing. If you've followed their convoluted procedures they will invariably resort to having their lawyers hound you. Millions of BEE lawyers are working for the SABC to skin people for TV licences for sets they don't own.

All you need to do is tell them in a loud voice that you will once again send them proof of disposal of your TV set (loud, because you're being recorded).

They will then get another bunch of lawyers to pester you, but eventually they give up.

Viking said...

That's good news, Dachs.
Got a SMS to say they are suing me for the licence, which now costs money to sort out even though they got a phone call, email, letter and fax saying the tv is sold.

I hope that every tv set blaring in Khayelitsha gets the same attention.



@ Anon

Distance does not matter. Try dealing with this morons here on the spot and it still does not work. That every task needs a minimum amount of savvy is totally ignored by the doctrine of placing as many boons as possible into a position they have no chance in hell to perform at a normal level.
La La Land sends regards !

Dachshund said...

I also got sms'es from the SABC threatening to sue me and blacklist me for non-payment. Ignore them. They won't blacklist you because it's a very serious offence and you can sue them in return.

It's all hot air. No need to subsidise Khayelitsha.