Thursday, December 10, 2009

Catto Spews Anti-White Hatred

White Solidarity has never really existed. Very rarely have "white" nations refrained from going to war, say, on the grounds that the other is also white. White nations are as divided as any other, in fact more so than most. We are far less likely to cut anyone slack based on their being the same colour as we are.

This is, although I am aware many will disagree, a strength and not a weakness. It probably derives out of the separateness of the European nation-states over the last 500 years or so, while "white-unity" may have only grown out of necessity in places such as North America and Southern Africa in more recent times, where large numbers of immigrants came together to build new nations. But it also because we value different opinions, in the knowledge that this is how the right conclusions are reached. Thanks again, Enlightenment!

In recent years it should have become obvious to all of us that the world has changed. White people are desparately outnumbered in the world, and Third World immigration to European and American countries is seen by many as a good and enriching thing (although they can never seem to explain why ...).

We are now fully immersed in the "Postcolonial" era, where many of the moral values Europeans have given the world are challenged as "Eurocentric", and other cultures are now free to resurrect barbaric practices on "cultural" grounds. What's more, this reversal of values has now made it even more difficult to control cruel and savage behaviours, as any attempt to question them is seen as "colonialist".

Where am I going with all this? Well, we are used to liberals grovelling for the moral high ground by talking about how evil "we" are and what awful things "we" have done. White self-hatred has thankfully reached and passed its zenith, but has been fashionable for some time.

Many will know Richard Catto as representative of this thinking in South Africa, and what may have begun as a principled stand against racism has descended into a wallowing in self-loathing that most of us cannot relate to at all.

In a 2007 vomit, he declares that:
The trouble with white South Africans is that they suffer from a distinct LACK of white guilt. The reason is that they are racist to the bone. The more loudly that they protest that they are not racist, the more certain it is that they are. An absence of white guilt and / or taking pride in the fact that they are white is conclusive proof that they are bad to the bone racist scum.

And just to take it one step further:
white South Africans, ALL OF US, were responsible for Apartheid. Every single last one of us. Even if you joined Umkhonto we Sizwe and attacked a white church with hand grenades and assault rifles, you, just by being WHITE, were an intrinsic part of the problem.

Charming hey?
It's all there, the collective guilt (Original Sin, along with Repentance, are the only parts of traditional Christianity liberals want to keep), the justification of terrorism, and "unconscious racism" - so even when you think you aren't, you still are.

Catto is very unpopular for his beliefs. He has got lots of hatemail, which, in reality just bolsters his viewpoint and convinces him he is right. He says:
They regard me as a traitor, as if I swore a holy oath of fealty to unconditionally support the interests of the white race group JUST BECAUSE I AM WHITE. WRONG!

No, Richard, you are wrong. They regard you as a traitor because they know that hating your own race is racist. They hate you because you hate them. You write bad stuff about them. You make broad generalisation about ALL white South Africans.

White self-hatred is still RACISM. Having a white skin does not give you or anyone else carte blanche (no pun intended) to attack a group of people based on their skin colour. Just as we fully expect black people to want to advance their own people, we ought not be surprised when whites do too. We can argue for an entirely merit-based system but the way to do that is NOT to vilify an entire people and label them uniquely dispicable.


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FishEagle said...


Dachshund said...

I think Richard Catto comes out with this kind of hate speech because he is otherwise so terribly boring that everyone ignores him.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this stupid wanker will get run over by a fully laden taxi.
Then he could die happy knowing that his death was atonement for the sins of apartheid.

Dachshund said...

Best to ignore Catto. It shuts him up.

Anonymous said...

He is just another white trying to be black. Remember Idi Amins doctor? Same shit different white asshole.

Anonymous said...

"Third World immigration to European and American countries is seen by many as a good and enriching thing (although they can never seem to explain why ...)."

Why? Why? Why????

EVery single white person knows at the back of their mind that their is an anti white agenda underway.


Nobody can say why.

The only answer I've found so far that explains the "why" lies in religion and it is the Christian Identity movement that explains it best. The whole world is united against the Israelites, whom don't even know who they are any longer.

But what is a fact,is that their is a concerted effort under way to breed the Israelites our of existence.

Anonymous said...

I quote:

"The trouble with white South Africans is that they suffer from a distinct LACK of white guilt. The reason is that they are racist to the bone. The more loudly that they protest that they are not racist, the more certain it is that they are. "

The statement above does not make any sense. If I am racist to the bone, why would I deny it???

Racist and proud.

psst: The cause of my racism is black crime.

Sakkie de Kok said...

Catto is an insignificant piece of fly shit.
If ever the term, white kaffir, was appropriate, Ratshit Catto opitomizes the expression.

Anonymous said...

Catto was spot on in everything he said there. Too bad some are too blinded and too wedded to false notions of white supremacy to see the truth in Catto's statement.

Viking said...

You're entitled to your opinion, Anon.

It seems we are given just two options then - be "white supremacists" or self-hating anti-white racists.

Ron. said...

To Anon Dec 11 7:40. The purpose for promoting anti White rhetoric is to help pave the way towards a global police state: a dispensation which would normally be opposed by any ethnic / national group unburdened by "guilt" hence to program to instill guilt into White people in particular. As they are among the most capable of stopping the elite's drive towards global fascism left to their own devices. This is also the main reason why the middle class is being targeted for destruction.

Anonymous said...

He's Jewish. Explains it all.

Laager said...

Could someone please explain to me EXACTLY what the word racist is and means.

I am a white caucasian English SA/Boer

I attended UCT and on leaving became a member of the UCT Alumni Association which was open to all students, regardless of race, colour, creed, ethnicity sexual orientation or nationality.

Last year (2010) the Vice Chancellor Max Price announced that that a UCT Black Alumni Association was being created

As a white caucasian I am not permitted to become a member of it

Is this racist?

I also thought that UCT was on a mission to break down all racial divisions and create a fully united integrated community of staff and students.

Mr Cato - what is your view on this?

Anonymous said...



Racist: A term which is dear to the souls of the black populous. It simply means a nasty white person, someone who won't give Mr Blackman something for free, It refers to those who express indignation at Black stupidity, greed or blatantly psychotic behaviour.
A racist is a white person who expects the black populous to display forethought, responsibility, compassion or empathy.
Without the concept of racism, the blacks would have to start behaving like decent human beings, it is their excuse for their own failings, ignorance and dysfunctionality.